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In keeping with its goal of improving life and enhancing consumer experience, Unilever’s Sunlight detergent has been rewarding consumers with recharge cards for participating in the ongoing Sunlight delight promotion with a total of two hundred and seventy eight thousand six hundred and ninety two winners.
Since the commencement of the Sunlight Delight promotion in April 2014, the promotion has recorded a total number of four hundred and ninety two thousand six hundred and twenty entries.
To participate in the promotion consumers are expected to text the special code inside promo packs to 38143 (instructions are on the pack). Once they do this, they receive a text to log their participation and a call from Sunlight letting them know whether they are winners or not and thereafter, their numbers are credited with the airtime value they have won.
The promotion according to our findings is aimed at encouraging more consumers to have opportunity to engage loved ones via their mobile phones after purchase of Sunlight. Commending Sunlight in a short message, one of the winners said she “appreciates Sunlight for this initiative that it is like refunding the money spent on buying the detergent and it is the first time she is enjoying such a gift from a product”.
Unilever Brand Building Director, David Okeme in a telephone chat, said that the promotion mechanics is simple and it is one of the ways that Unilever is showing that it cares for its consumers. He went further to reveal that the promotion in the last five months has received consumer acceptance in view of the number of entries and Sunlight plans to continue to reward more and more consumers with airtime until the end of the promotion. He also added that the process is very transparent and objective, with records to show that all participants are contacted via a text message and a call within minutes of entering the promotion and rewarded with airtime within 48 hours.

The value of airtime to be won ranges from fifty naira to one thousand five hundred naira and the promotion is valid while stock lasts.

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