February 2, 2023

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Star Actor Jim Iyke Turns 419 …Uses Come And Invest Tactics To Defraud

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This is surely not the best of times for once upon a time golden boy of Nollywood Jim Iyke, who has practically turned himself into a 419 fraudster, using different means to collect money from those who are supposed to be his business associates, thereby defrauding them of money running into several millions of naira.
Gathered that Jim Iyke was recently arraigned before an Abuja Magistrate’s Court for collecting N15 million in a fraudulent manner from one Habiba Abubakar who he conned to part with the money and invest in his company, Untamed Records limited.
It was said that Jim told the lady to come and invest the money by buying 15 percent equity in his company. The lady, believing the business to be genuine considering the status of the star actor in the society, after series of documentation deposited the money into his Oceanic Bank account number 00500173691.
Trouble however started when Habiba expected returns from the investment and with nothing coming from her millions, decided to ask Jim, who assured her that all will be well and that she should exercise patience as things had not really taken shape. This Habiba swallowed hook, line and sinker. But still with nothing coming, she went back but this time around, instead of Jim to explain to her, he started punching her and went as far as telling her that he would kill her if she dared come back to ask for her money.
This, we learnt, infuriated Habiba and she petitioned the Inspector-General who instructed that Jim Iyke  should be investigated and pronto! he was arrested and quizzed over the allegation, which he owned up to, hence he was charged to court to answer the case of fraud.
Aside this, he is said to have another case of fraud which was reported at Garki Police Station by one Ken who claimed that he gave some cars to the actor to help him sell but after selling the cars, Jim is said to have refused to give the rightful owner of the car, Ken, his money back.

20 thoughts on “Star Actor Jim Iyke Turns 419 …Uses Come And Invest Tactics To Defraud

  1. how can this be true…my no 1 male actor cannot stoop so low….if there was really a suit, where is the suit number?and besides considering how popular he is, what is 15 million that he does not have? that kind of fraud should be for undergraduates in their year 1 just coming up in their lust for fraud but not my jim iyke..besides it if it were true it would have spread as wild fire.

    1. @ Mexico. Stealing is not as a result of someone not having enough o. It is mere GREED. So anyone that has GREED can steal, not because he can not afford what he is stealing.

      Let us pray that God helps us all.

  2. for God sake ..what could have prompted jim to do such thing, what is 15million..for him to drag his name to the mood.after all he has work for in life.

  3. This story is so sketchy, it seems extremely fabricated. I am afraid,this looks like some cheap blackmail. Maybe because Jim has vehemently refuse her sundry amorous advances, that’s why she resort to this nonsensical tactic; trust Nigerian girls, they can be really sordid when they are hopeless.

  4. I am not a fan of Jim Iyke but he is not a 419ner. You got it all wrong. The lady was his lover and the relationship turned sour. So she had to eat sour grapes and got angry. Of course he won’t marry her.

  5. OK, Jim Iyke is very greedy. He should stop it because some wicked people would just send hired ‘pa pa pa’ and run away. They would not drag him to court since it would cost them more money.

  6. Simply said,’ Pls trust no one even your best friend or aunt or brother, with your money! You will come to regret if you part away with your money’ Only fools part with their money to friends and family. Hope you are not of the fools out there.

  7. Dis accusation nds a thoroughly imvestigation.even d bible says,get d truth n hld d truth.bt if dis is true,dey shd ave b a widespread of dis rumour across lagos.na wao.

  8. It is ridiculous to read uninformed comments by persons in response to matters of importance. Pray, what has amorous relationship got to do with fraud, if any? Ditto, being “rich” does not make the person a saint. If the case is in Court, we should await the outcome or at least the giving of evidence before we (the Global News inclusive) draw any conclusion. By the way, which Magistrate or Court is the case before and which date is the next adjournment?


  10. this people ar stupid dey have started it again to acurse jim iyk.that is how dey acuse baba wure or wht at last he was inocent

  11. How do you guys read news or any piece of information that come across your way? The writer indicated that it is an entertainment news implying that he is entertaining his reader yet we are here making comments as if Jim Iyke has really turn a 419. And even if my Jim would want to be one, not with this kind of money or selling of tokumbo cars without refund of money. The entertainment news if you ask me is just too embarrassing, frustrating and unacceptable!

  12. Why will people be willingly ignorant? Jim Iyke was arraigned in Abuja magistrate court for fraud.This piece of news was not only carried by this Tabloid but also by other news media.The onus is on Jim Iyke to address a press conference refuting the allegation and not for some fans to start defending the indefensible. Truth is he was involved in shady deals or advanced fee fraud. Who says men and woman dont die? Philosophers falter in wisdom and saints falter in goodness. WHo then is Jim Iyke. He should own up and reach an out of court settlement with his victim.Chikeena!

    1. look at nigerians at thier best………………ignorants………………………………so that jim iyke is baove board abi……………………..no be nigerian …or a human being for that matter……………………just bcos he screws around in his films ……….that makes u pple make him a demi god abi……………………………. rubbish……………..iyke boy here can be a nigerian first.

  13. Jim don’t have money can do anything to get 15million the woman most have evident before police will charge the case to court. He should prove his innocency in court

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