June 2, 2023

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South-South Governor Who Is Alleged To Be Homosexual Exposed

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When those who are supposed to be role models are the one who are found to be worst offenders in immorality then we know that the society is in grave danger.

This is about one of the prominent and influential governors from the South-South region of the country who is alleged to be practising the cursed immoral act. Though married to a beautiful lady, he is said to be fond of having it with young boys whom he entices with the financial resources in his possession.

The governor is alleged to be the female in this illicit act and his modus operandi is to lure handsome boys to his side and always promises to help them but unknown to them he wants to use them to be his bedmates. Those who are close to the governor whose state is very close to Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa claimed that his behavior at times always surprises them to the extent that one begins to doubt his sexual identity but because of what they are gaining from him they resort to discussing in low tones especially when his numerous boyfriends are around the government house.

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