September 28, 2023

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Senator David Mark Splashes NBillions On Lagos Estate

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David-MarkAt a time when many Nigerians are struggling to have a place to lay their heads at the end of each day, Senate President, David Mark is busy acquiring choice cars and properties all over the world.

Latest information at the disposal of this magazine has it that Mark has acquired multibillion naira properties in a newly developed estate in Lagos. The estate in question is located at Isheri area of Lagos. The estate lies between the boundary of Lagos and Ogun States immediately after the popular long bridge.

We were reliably informed that many wealthy Nigerians have stormed the place to acquire the properties there. Mark is said to be developing about ten landed properties into very big estates. Although a lot of people in the neighbourhood are not aware that the powerful politician from Benue State is the owner of the properties, our investigation revealed that politician is the biggest property owner in the whole estate managed by PW and GADINIS Properties, with a plot of land going for millions of naira.

Over time, many people have accused Nigerian leaders especially politicians of squandering on frivolity the money which collectively belongs to all Nigerians and Mark is not an exception. While the electorates are going to bed with empty stomachs, the elected are going to bed over-fed.

It is on record that a families of seven or more members are living in a one-room apartments while many are sleeping in kiosks, under the bridge, mosques, churches, garages and other places that one can never imagine.

This latest acquisition by Mark has continued to generate controversies from far and wide as people have been asking questions as to why politicians cannot use the money that belongs to the masses to provide decent low cost housing estates which Nigerians can easily afford instead of diverting the same money into their personal use for selfish gain.

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