March 30, 2023

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David Mark

David Mark
David Mark

Every Nigerian knows that he had overspent his tenure in the Senate but his people in Benue State keep returning him to the hot seat to keep representing them. Senator David Mark, an inaugural senator during Nigeria’s foray into the Third Republic is currently in the news. The ex-military man was said to have constructed a massive golf course worth several billions of naira in his home town in Benue State. Having been directing the affairs of the National Assembly for years now, it is not surprising that David Mark would have accumulated plenty of cash for his future spending. The establishment of this golf course is indeed one of the numerous ‘projects’ he would leave as legacy for his people.
Anyway, one gist we are about to serve you is that this golf course has suddenly turned to a source of pains for his people. The people are bitter that their senator could count a golf course as the next step to be taken to eradicate the poverty eating deeper into them on daily basis. The people are clamouring for proper living standard but the politician never believed in their cries. Billions of naira was reportedly spent by David Mark who expects that the tourism sector of the state will improve. He was aghast that his people vehemently kicked against such moves because all they need is to feel the real impact of dividends of democracy. The Golf Course is a very massive and beautiful one with chalets built there. Anyway, our advice is that brother David should listen to the voice of his people, because one day, he might still contest as the state governor and that is when he would need his people too. It could be recalled that Senator David Mark had been in the forefront of media attack years ago when some of his past secrets were blown open by some media agencies. It was reported then that Mark had invested the sum of £5.9 million in the 18-hole St. Margaret’s Golf Club near Dublin, just a five-minute drive from the International Airport in Dublin, Ireland. The golf club is said to be another waste of people’s money. It is on record that some prominent Nigerians also own private golf clubs. These include people like Aliko Dangote, Ibrahim Babangida, Prince Tunde Ponnle of the Mccom Golf Centre & Resorts, Ada etc. All these men run successful golf clubs and also to the benefit of their people. Our three-time senate president’s case is not the same.

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