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img_1202Not many Nigerians know the reckless lifestyles of most politicians in this part of the world but whether they like it or not, the secret deeds of some of them will always filter out to the public domain just like this gist of how the diminutive and tough-talking Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai is enjoying a paradise on earth called a super mansion.

A very close source to the government house in Kaduna, says Nasir El Rufai’s palatial mansion in Abuja is an architectural masterpiece that is almost second to none in the street.

We gathered that El-Rufai who is dating beautiful Hafsat who is an architect had told her to help him design a lovely mansion that will be one in town but that will not reveal outward opulence. Hafsat – whose father was a top military brass who rose to become a Major General in the Nigerian Army – was also told the design the building in such a way that it will be easy for him to access either of his wife without the other knowing. He also said the mansion should be designed in such a way that it will be easy for him to go out and come back into the house without anyone’s knowledge.

According to Global News source who is very close to Hafsat, the no-nonsense Governor of Kaduna State was so impressed with the design of the house that he gave Hafsat a brand new car as a thank you gift. However the mansion which is said to be in a choice area of Wuse district is a no go area for most of El-Rufai’s political associates and friends for reasons best known to his Excellency.

On her own part, Hafsat whose family name (in Niger State) is just four letters starting with K really made good use of the affair when it was hot as she used El-Rufai’s position to enter the corridors of power in Abuja and most Northern States. She is reportedly into business and acts as a business facilitator for people who are trying to penetrate Abuja big boys.

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