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RUMBLE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD:Nigerian Pastors Who Hate Themselves

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The bible cited that the pastors, the prophets, bishops and their likes are to be honoured and respected. Over time, people
have even gone further by emulating them as they believe that this set of people are really the representatives of God here on Earth. Many worshippers have even turned their pastors to idols they regularly worship and their words
hadve led so many into crime. But deep within them, even when they are made to face the music of their crimes, they believe they are justified before God. We will be looking at some of these supposed men of God who choose to ignore the
doctrine of God on not allowing the sun to set with us having something against our brethren in our mind. Enjoy …

Pastor Dr. E H L Olusheye and Evangelist Dr. T O Obadare

The relationship between these two strong men of God was once very cordial; the two were once top officials of the first Nigerian
pentecostal church, the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), a church formed in 1930 by world renowned evangelist, Prophet Joseph Ayodele Babalola, with the revival of that year popularly called the revival of 1930 among the Christian sphere.
Olusheye was at a time the CAC General Superintendent while Obadare was the CAC General Evangelist. Crisis however started in the late 1980s and early 1990s over issues that had to do with leadership of the church: after the death of the then president of the church worldwide, Pastor Orangun, another pastor of the church who held a very important position in the church executive, in the person of Pastor Adegoroye, felt some people in the church executive were planning against him becoming the church new president, a position he’s until that time been occupying. This forced him to quickly return from the church annual pastors conference that year to his base in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, which is also the base of Obadare whose church, Agbala Itura and evangelism ministry, World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry (WOSEM), were
alleged by Adegoroye to have been the reason they chose to drop him. The rest is well publicized.

This led to a gospel musician who is also a member of the church to sing of his disappointment on the issue. Though there have been many
efforts at reconciling the warring pastors, which now boils down to Olusheye and Obadare, as other actors in the fracas which forced the church into factions, i.e. CAC Worldwide and CAC WOSEM, have since retired or dead, leaving Olusheye who is now the Worldwide president and Obadare, who still holds sway in Agbala Itura church in Akure and also still holds his monthly Koseunti programme under the umbrella of his WOSEM, which is an affiliation of the CAC church.

Bishop Mike Okonkwo & Bishop Lanre Obembe

The relationship between these two was once very cordial and this could be confirmed by the fact that when |Mike Okonkwo was the President
of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Obembe was the Lagos State chairman of the same association. Okonkwo is the founder and Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelistic Mission (TREM) while Obembe is the founder and Bishop of El-Shaddai Bible Church, it is therefore surprising how the two allowed issues that had to do with monetary gain to put asunder the once very cordial
relationship between them.

It all began in 2004 when Lanre Obembe had a business idea that would bring in some money into his pocket in form of a world-class revival
featuring the Jewish-American revivalist, Benny Hinn, down to Nigeria for a supposed interdenominational revival. At the initial stage, when he informed Okonkwo who was then the National President of the PFN, Okonkwo was said to have given him the go-ahead, knowing it would be difficult to bring Benny Hinn who Okonkwo had at a time formed acquaintance with to Nigeria. But like a dogged marketer who would do anything to sell a service or business to a prospective buyer, Obembe was able to convince Benny Hinn on the need to visit Nigeria to the
surprise of Okonkwo.

As it is the habit of the Jewish-American preacher, he donated the sum of $4 million to the cause of the three-day revival tagged Lagos
Healing Crusade. It was when the money issue was mentioned that Bishop Okonkwo was said to have swung into action, claiming that the issue had become an issue of the PFN and other Christian bodies in the country and was therefore not a programme Lanre Obembe alone could handle. The ensuing argument was said to be responsible for the flop of the $4 million project. It was in the process of this that Obembe’s suspension and that of his church from PFN was announced by the Okonkwo-led National PFN. That really brought out the fire in Obembe, who
accused Okonkwo and the PFN leadership of taking such step because he did not allow them take over his project.

Pastor Tunde Bakare & Bishop Oyedepo

Their relationship cannot really be said to be too cordial. While the founder of Latter Rain Christian Assembly can be said to be a very
vocal person, the Presiding Bishop of Faith Tabernacle, or Winners Chapel as it is popularly called, can be said to be not too vocal about the ’s way of life.
Tunde Bakare however brought out the fire in Oyedepo when he likened his worship to the occult; he was even at a time compared to the most questioned Nigerian pastor, T B Joshua. At a service in his Acme, Ogba Lagos church, Bakare condemned one of Oyedepo’s books; he even tore it on television. This elicited response from the followers of Oyedepo and it has further widened the gap between them. In the real sense of it, the relationship between the two has suffered greatly and no matter what they said after the incident, it is a known thing that cordiality of the relationship between the two may be over.

Pastor Tunde Bakare and Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor Tunde Bakare is known for his many scathing remarks against many known men of God in the country. He had at a time accused Pastor W
F Kumuyi of Deeper Christian Life Ministry of depriving his congregation of what they need while living a life of luxury. He practically called the very gentle man of God a hypocrite. Though Pastor Kumuyi chose not to say anything, those in the know said the attitude may have blocked all means to ever having any relationship with the lawyer-turned-pastor even in future.

Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

This is the story of two Chris(es) who were once very close, also neighbours in Oregun area of Lagos where they practically own half the area. Oyakhilome whose growth was very fast is known to be fond of moving equipment needed to break ground for his church expansion through the land owned by Okotie. The once very close friends are now more like sworn enemies over Oyakhilome’s professed relationship with Pastor T
B Joshua. Okotie who criticized T B Joshua who he said is using occult power to perform his miracles, felt bad when Oyakhilome who is also known for his ministry of miracles chose to be associated with Joshua, a situation that made Bakare label the two devilish. The ensuing animosity is yet to end.

Pastor Chris Okotie and Rev. Anslem Madubuiko

Pastor Chris Okotie of Household of God Church and Rev. Anslem Madubuko of Revival Assembly Church were once like five and six. Apart from the fact that the two attended the same University of Nigeria, Nsukka where the fire of their friendship was ignited, it is also on record that they were each other’s wedding best man. Their friendship we learnt even goes to the period Chris was a musician and Anslem then was a DJ and when Chris decided to start his Church, Anslem was at hand to give him a hand and in the process rose to become the Minister in charge of the healing ministry. The cause of their separation is still not known up till today but many felt it may because of the attention Anslem was attracting and the respect he started commanding among the congregation that forced Okotie to order him out of the church and asked him
not to come back.

Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor T B Joshua

It was his relationship with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that led to the enmity between him and Pastor Okotie, so it is expected that the two
will not be in any relationship. Pastor T B Joshua it was that was accused of using occult power to heal people in his Synagogue Church
and Okotie was the whistle blower who addressed the press on his suspicion of Joshua. Though the issue has since then died down, those in the know confirm to us that there is a very cold wall between these two and they may not be too friendly towards one another should they meet in public.

Pastor T B Joshua and Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo

It will be right to address him as the most criticized pastor in Nigeria. Pastor T B Joshua, the founder and General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations, has won himself many enemies in the Christian religious circle, one of which is the funky London-based Nigerian Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo. During Joshua’s issue with Okotie, Ashimolowo, who is the President of the Kingsway International Christian Church (KICC), was one of those who were of the opinion that Joshua is a messenger of devil. It was he who claimed that the white men
who troop to his church were like those who had been walking for long in the desert only to see water. He concluded that they won’t bother if the water is clean or dirty and that in the case of Joshua, the water looks dirty. He concluded by saying he questions the power Joshua is using. Though it has been years since the incident happened, the two we learnt will not entertain a
situation where they will be alone together.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka and Pastor A C Ohanebo

He commands huge followership among the people of Igbo extraction and his programmes draw crowd to Lagos from the eastern part of the country. Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the founder and General Overseer of Lord Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry, is a man who has
to his credit series of quarrels. Little did many know that the man his followers see as the representative of God here on earth is not on talking
terms with the man who anointed him a pastor. Before Muoka became a pastor, he was a church member of Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement under the leadership of Pastor Aloysius Chukwuemeka Ohanebo. It was in this church he was made a pastor and transferred to Mushin branch of the church and when the church in Mushin started increasing in size, Muoka decided to start his own church after he was
accused of embezzling church fund. We gathered that even up till today Muoka is nursing a grudge against his former boss for questioning his accountability.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka and Pastor Nnamdi Ofoegbu

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of Lord Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry and the founder, Christ Chosen Generation Revival Ministry, Pastor Nnamdi Ofoegbu, were once the very best of associates. It was said that the two started the Lord Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry together and that the two ran the church as boss and deputy until one of them became greedy on how to share the proceeds from the church. Ofoegbu accused Muoka of trying to sideline him because he was becoming more popular among the congregation and
this led to Muoka plotting against him. For the love of money, which the bible calls the root of all evil, these two men of God don’t see eye to eye.

86 thoughts on “RUMBLE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD:Nigerian Pastors Who Hate Themselves

  1. It has been said before that this magazine is deliberately set out to rubbish Christianity. The basis of this assertion is that there is no edition in recent past that Christianity whether in orthodox or pentecostal form has not been abused. This magazine has gone forth to establish it with this publication. Yes, many men of God may be imperfect, but from what I have read I do know that not all that have been written here is true. There was a DELIBERATE effort to cook MISCHIEF by the publishers.
    I challenge them to go forth and write about your Islamic leaders in the same way.

      1. @Drudge, why the abuse, the guy express is opinion he did not curse anyone, why must you abuse him. It shows you are either an illiterate or extremist

    1. leave islam and the muslims alone. must they always come in? is it not enough that so much biased impression has already been spread about them on terrorism? let them cope with that while the others cope with theirs. only God is perfect

    2. after all been said and done most of the article is correct unlike Lazarus muoka a good man of God but greed has blind his eyes he can’t the his master remains his master as humble as that servant of God is…. note the scripture and talk no more further about it. men of God are servant of God let him judge them

  2. stupid, useless article. if i were the publisher of this useless magazine, i would have sacked the editor long ago. this is probably the worst journalism in nigeria – worse than city people.

    1. Unfortunately you are not qualified to be the publisher of this magazine since you spend all your time worshipping these satanic icons (Pastors). Go get a job my friend and stop dancing in churches 7 days a week.

  3. it is important we check our selves before questioning is even more dangerous to question people on the pages of print who called themselves men of God.your motive for the print is money.please be careful and don’t eat at someones disadvantage.let God question all.

    1. Men of God? …. And that makes you man of Satan. Sink into your skull that every man is born equal and that no man is superior to the other. Please don’t be fooled by the pastors, chiefs, etc … they are all ordinary human beings like you and me, but they have come into this world to arrogate to themselves superiority over others so as to take advantage of the less privileged, vulnerable, abused, lazy and confused ones.

  4. God is Love and emhasizes love as an important ingredient to the attainment of eternal kingdom.These disagreement between the supposedly respected men of God is shameful,unchrist-like and mar the credibility of what they profess.They should repent and toe the line of Pastor Adeboye who is humble,loving,contented and not self-serving.

  5. Sometimes me too I wonder about T.B. Joshua but unlike other pastors I will heed the seminal words of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour that he who is not against us is for us, abi??


    1. Yes, God actually commanded us not to judge and the same God told us “by their fruits, ye shall know them”
      So when we see the fruit that is not of God, very clear, then we must say it, else we may be part taker of such sin.
      Even the Holy Bible admonished us to correct our falling brothers, in LOVE.
      Therefore, correcting TB should be done in Love and not with malice. When they refuse to change we owe Satan and his agents no apology in exposing them.

      On the real subject matter, men of God are still human and prone to sin, especially misunderstanding due to one reason and the other.
      But the most important thing is not the number or level of the misunderstanding but how they were able to resolve it and move forward and by so doing practicing true forgiveness as commanded by our only Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ, so that we the followers can equally join suit. Any man of God still having grudges against his fellow brother or sister without forgiving the person whether he or she refuses to apologize is a SINNER and not a friend of God period. But if the man of God had forgiven such a person yet the person refuses to embrace peace is, therefore a case between the person and God Himself, with serious consequences.

  7. No one in his/her right thinking mind will expect these guys to get along. These so called pastors are in competition and the stupid and vulnerable Nigerians is their market. They all want to capture a greater chunk of the market share. They compete for looters and fraud stars; do you expect Pastor A to be happy with Pastor B if Pastor B succeeded in getting, say, the Ibru woman to his church? Not until the Nigerian Christians see the light and choose hard work over pastors deceits.

  8. Anyone who calls himself a man of God is either mentally not well or a crook! God is neither a muslim or a christian! He did not start any religion, people did, in order to control their fellow humans and take from them to add to theirs. Anyone who choose to follow these crooks deserve to be swindled. Christianity is not an african discovery and those who discoved it are no longer as religious as these africans. If you need GOD, pray to him directly, you do not need a fake religious miilionaire as a middleman.

  9. All i know is that Nigerians are vulnerable people, with today bad Governance and corruption here and there, everybody want to be a millionia without working hard for it and many of us know the source of our problem but pretend to blame the next man or the devil, while will all this pastors not fool us all in the name of miracle. And the careless government never care to ask, what are this pastor doing with their mass accumulated wealth , which they took from the poor?

  10. You don’t publish an article that tells on one’s integrity with HEAR-SAYS.We need facts, you can’t fool someone like me.

  11. This is a malicious article and you guys don’t have any right to criticize this people. if we check your own lives i know it will be uglier than what you have painted of theirs. I f you guys are out of stories to sell, it will be a good time to shut down and go into poultry business.

    1. The article is right on track. These are public figures that have wrongly and negatively influenced the lives of millions of Nigerians for their personal gains. Publisher, please say more about these end time pastors. You watch this and get back to me:

  12. PFN and CAN are not effective. They should be in the lead against the campaign against corruption and curb the excesses of each other but they turned against themselves while the devil is on the other side wrecking havoc on the nation.

    The modern prosperity messages of convetiousness and ease is from hell the devil.

  13. una see adeboye name for here
    try maturity and co ordination
    that is what anybody that read this piece does not have Blaaaaaaaaaam!

  14. This entire write-up is no other thing than just junks! Absolutely stupid!! You guys should look for more meaningful stuffs to write if you haven’t got stories!

  15. it pained them becos all thier togue pastor appeared in this good write up.this is no fiction,it really happened

  16. Rumble in the house of a dump journalist. This writer is insane, l honestly don’t fancy this write up. We need educative and illuminating write up, please control your pen for once and don’t ignite the already heated society.

  17. To proof this writer wrong, it will be pleasing to see all Nigeria Pastors coming together to worship God. Then you can read body languages if the writer is wrong or right.

  18. People who feel Men of God should not be challenged and let God be the judge…in the bible many times Jesus Christ was questioned, and gave robust , persuasive and wise answers to his critics. Then I dare ask, what makes this business men called Pastors audacity to think they are unquestionable.
    How many spoke out when Nigeria was nearing collapse during the constitutional crisis that brought the President Jonathan to power. They are suppose to be moral guidance of the society and speak of ills not acquiring wealth. So to you,their apologist the earlier we all question our Pastors that will be the day our society will begin to dwell in the right path of righteousness.

  19. this is a lie from the pit of hell to discourage Christians from the faith… Its A HUGE sign of the end time… Take HEED lest y’all be deceived and fall from GLORY

  20. Nigerians has chosen the part of prosperity to salvation.Left Jesus the object, following the pastors who are shadow that will fade away under intence light.Remember it is the object that cast the shadow.No Jesus no pastor no salvation.

  21. “DO NOT bear false witnessing against your neighbour.”

    “Touch not my annointed, and do my prophet no harm”.

    Anybody who edited this article must be careful.
    “The wrath of God is on the house of the wicked.”

    Never you fake the true likes of God, for fame.

  22. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, not the pastors or any religion. Every person born of God and have God’s Spirit is a ‘man of God’

  23. Nigerians!!! please ask yourself, where did Christianity and Islam originated from Foreign land? who brought Christianity to Nigeria? the British Colonialist! they robbed in the name of God and we ended with slavery. now in the 21st century, Big Bosses must chop! This is another sort of slavery. Has God forgotten about Nigeria, the fastest growing religious country in the world? Why would our political and religious leaders amassed so much wealth to the detriment of the suffering nation. Time will Tell. They think they are living in heaven, but Time will Tell. “Dog will eat lion someday” God please give power to the poor.

  24. Don’t be fooled, this is an end time, anything is bound to happen, like the Bible say, many fake prophets will rise and even do miracles in my own name, I say this, only the wise will know which is fake or not.

    More so, How many poor are in each of our churches, they are enormous but some of our pastors are even richer than all the congregations combined.

    How many horses did Jesus ride throughout his life and until death even if there was no fancy cars then, I think only once in Jerusalem and he did not even buy it or He did not even had any money then, imaging the life style of our pastors today, they forget their mission on earth, they forget the kingdom of heaven and embraces the evil of the earth.

    I think we should not criticize the papers, they are our only means of information, It is left for you to read or ignore the pages,

  25. I think this publication is interesting and should be applauded if the findings are true, i dont see it as a critisizm and if at all there is nothing wrong if we critise men of God in a positive manner. I have had my personal experience with so called men of God. Not all that glitter is Gold.
    Nigerians have been put in a situation where our leaders have faild us so we tend to gain back those loses in the house of God and unfortunately the church and some of the men of God are corrupt , is a very sad situasion; but i hope people would wake up to the reality of the fact that we should look beyond the church and start workong hard to make ends meet

    1. The article is right on track. These are public figures that have wrongly and negatively influenced the lives of millions of Nigerians for their personal gains. Publisher, please say more about these end time pastors. Watch this and get back to me:

  26. My question and advice to the writer: Please, are you neither mocking the men of God or Christianity. If you are as intelligent as you think, you would have been a channel at which these Men of God will call themselves in other, if at all they are not sharing or having good time with each other. A situation you cannot change while criticizing. Are critics the best way of settling issues that you felt bad about? you will have to make an impact to put thing in other by taking a walk to those you can reach and preach to them peace, love and harmony to one another. In so doing, am sure your God will promote your intelligence.
    To the Men of God mentioned here. If you are in this kind of act Please, revisit your decision toward this act, are they of Christ like?

  27. *****Pastor T B Joshua*******
    he is in bed with the devil

    *********Chris Okotie **********
    He is just a flamboyant con man

    *************Pastor Chris Oyakhilome**********
    He is running an occult that he calls church, dubious to the core!

    *************Bishop Oyedepo*********************
    Funny Nigger, not sure about him. but I wont recommend him!

    **************Pastor Tunde Bakare******************
    Lost credibility when he joined up with Buhari, Did not speak out against the killings of christian in the north by their followers!
    I was not sorry when I heard his place was burnt!

    **************Bishop Mike Okonkwo***************
    Man of God, Man of the Cloth!

  28. I would want to know the difference between criticism & judgemental. As for me the Bible says “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free“. Does anybody wants to be free? Then you need to know the Truth by all means.

  29. gorge not and u will not be gorge, i really what to know who is the founder or let me say who discover this RUMBLE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD:Nigerian Pastors Who Hate Themselves. and which church do the person attend? we are going to Zion to st renting our faith, if u are a real born again christian the bible says there is death and life in your tough, he that believe in me shall do great work than I because i go back to my father. so every man is the great-is prophet of his life, is your faith that will deliver u. if i emmobi believe as them do then i will do great work like them. if human are honest we all have no right to gorge any one. all of u should be carefullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  30. There is nothing wrong in this publication. Its educative espacially to christians. It reminds us that these pastors are also men like us. it is only God that is infallible. These Pastors may have repented of their wrong doings long ago, so we should not dwell on the past wrong doings. Remember the thief whom Jesus saved on the cross.
    The bible says that we should not judge. Gentlemen please focus on God and not men. It is only God that cannot sin.

  31. Brethren, one tactic that the devil is using in these last days is to keep Christians so busy criticising one another so much so that they are distracted from the fact that the devil is very busy turning souls into hell in their thousands. The enemy is not brother or sister sitting beside u in church, neither is it the pastor down the road or his congregation. The enemy is the devil out there. So let’s wise up and do the work of a minister. Stick to ur God given vision and leave others alone to stick to theirs. Cheers.

  32. I think inasmuch as this author has the freedom to publish this article, yet everything should be left to God,fo4r He alone knows the heart of all men.Remember the story of Moses and Aaron,when Moses did what was ordinarily wrong and was challenged by Aaron who was also called by God and his sister Miriam.God wasn’t happy with them.If these people claim to be men of God,let God decide that.While we have the liberty to belief and follow them or not,we should not criticize,judge or condemn them.

  33. The writer has every right to express himself airing his views and observations freely. What i really expected some folks to do here, was to objectively refute what is said, and not get stupid. If you look around, no one is really preaching about salvation. Every low life on the street is looking for a gullible man or woman to brainwash with religion, is that suppose to be? Why is it that despite the churches and their freaky sermons, broken homes and marriages are on the increase world wide; No matter how anybody feels about the writer of this article, to me, he has a strong point. If they are truly sent by God, they are suppose to unite and champion the battle for peace and harmony of our beloved country and the world over. 21st century orientation sulks.

  34. What do you set to achieve with this publication? You and the so called good for nothing comedians relish in rubbishing the image of men of God and Christendom. My advise is be careful of your carelessness. It has a price. An unpalatable one. I just don’t know how it has become fashionable to insult or “expose” men of God to earn a living. Even Job in the face of misery and human deprivation and afflictions of the devil refused to dishonor God. Whatever may be the challenges and issues among them should not be what you guys feed on. I don’t blame you too much but the gullible public who revels in things like this.

  35. I see no reason why there is criticism of men of God. The fact is that every Christians must be conscious of his faith. Do you believe in God or man of God? What has the scripture said, ‘looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. Every man irrespective of office or tittle is subjected to make mistake hence the judgment is basically on action and reaction on any issue that posses challenges to any man. Religion does not save neither does it clean; it is an avenue to act of piety. After all Pastor Dr T O Obadare was turned back from the gate of heaven to reconcile his ways before he could be accepted into the kingdom of God , all man of God must be conscious of what they are to be good example anyway.

  36. I wonder wat u guys want by arguing about men of God, simply leave them alone; they are answerable to their Master not you. The publisher simply create and dig holes for his own downfall.

  37. Though I am not a fan of Tunde Bakare but Itotally agree with him on Kumuyi. He is not only a hypocrite who is cooling it in here in London with his baby girl but a brain washer who has twisted his followers’ minds to smell and dress dirty. His hypocrisy is legion. First, he said he wasn’t going to turn the Deeper Life Ministry into a church. Bingo! He did. He said he was going to remain celibate and a lot of idiots copied him and before they realised, he married a muslim convert. Third, he told mugus (including my parents) that they should not watch TV and before you could say Jack Robinson, he was preaching on the satelite network. Now, he has a funky show in London and has written for New African, a non-Christian, leftist newsmagazine as Dr. W.F. Kumuyi! He ruined my family as some of us are not on speaking terms due to their brains being washed in the Deeper Life madness.

  38. And I forgot to add that many of his followers including Pastor Ovia (a hell-preaching, sad-looking Pastor) has seen the light and left Deeper Life here in London to start a funky pentecostal church. Better late than never. One has to be wise in following these so-called men of God. They are all gospel marketers.


  39. God is alive and watching us all……….if we understands the scriptures then there ‘ll be no hidden truth before us.As christians we dont even read the Bible so how can we understand his ways? Lets us study our Bibles very well then we shall Understand that even you and i can do what Prophet TB Josua does.May God have mercy on us.

  40. Please all of you should leave T.B Joshua out of this, for if you dont know the begining of a thing you can not understand the end. thannk you.




  44. @Drudge: You are asking people to go look for jobs; you indeed sound more like an over-ambitious mediocre. What you all fail to understand is that these Pastors are all human beings, challenged and faced with the tendency to err but howbeit, we should be more concerned with their abilities to forgive, reconcile and move on rather than anchor on their frailties and issues they have sorted out successfully. I leave d publisher and people in his line of reasoning with these words of Edward Gibbon “I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinion I have no respect”

  45. Am ashamed of the reporter. Am not causing u. Be very careful. By the way, what’s ur church? Is it perfect? No 1 is perfect. Allow God 2 be the judge. Become born again and be filled with the holy spirit so he will lead u on what 2 write.
    To the reportter, do u leave in their house, r u a sspirit that u move about 2 know what is going on with them? God bless u all.

  46. God will forgive us all,unnecessary comments and useless write-ups…u is actually perfect? Fools talking abt men of God!

  47. People of God, Bible says “in the end time, many seen and unseen things sha hapen” either frm within d living or 4rm d so calld kingdom of darknes just 2 bring 2 past evry Word of GOD. What are we now talking about! Look @ d suffering long New Yr gift of E. Jonathan 2 all Nigerians. Which kind of Holy Spirit do all these ministers of God have? Indeed, our God is love, then, why can’t they love one another as one body in Christ Jesus? God bless Nigeria.

  48. Thanks to Allah that the writer of this reporter is not a Muslim and has any connection with Islam and also the editor of the Global News. Let me comment your effort by saying job-welldone. Have a wonderfull day.

  49. Imagine, a pastor claiming a prophecy in the public domain and he is view as a man of God.

  50. The bible urges us to doubt every spirit bcos in every rumour,they say,there’s element of truth.confirm spiritual related story from God via the scripture and prayer.becareful those of u who are pastor/religious fanatics less u fall victim.

  51. I can’t help but ask if this is a christian or secular magazine and also what the true motive of this write up is. The bible admonishes us to ”touch not the Lord’s anointed or do His prophets no harm” (either by slander or any other means), let the Lord judge his own.

  52. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  53. belove some this this are fomulated and other imagined but do what the bible says and not man folloe not man to condem anther



  55. Those false pastors who call themselves to the ministry of God, who were never called by God but only for the purpose of using the name of God to make money has committed a great sin against the Kingdom of God . And their punishment will be the worst when they come face to face with judgement. It would have been better their mother never gave them birth and bring them into this world. The Lord has made it very clear in his word ” those who bring me shame shall live eternally cut off from their creator, in pain and anguish untold. Hear me, Fear me, Believe me” says the Lord of Host. And those who attack a real man of God like T.B. Joshua do so at their peril. T.B Joshua is sent by God as a blessing to first: the Nigerian people and as a blessing to all of Africa and the whole world, to deliver man from bondage to depopulate hell and populate Heaven in these last days. Those pastors who condemn him do so because of envy and because most of them are not call by God. So they have no spiritual power to heal a sick chicken. Some of them are in the hands of the enemy but they do not know it yet. It takes the mind control of Satan not to recognize a true man of God or to attack him. Their punishment has been written in heaven. You do not attack the Kingdom of heaven and go free. A true man of God works for God as a servant of God. And are fully protected by him. Their enemies shall be the enemies
    of the most high God.

  56. with all due respect, the churches in Nigeria no more building men, nor soldiers, we are building cathedral. go and read what happen to Christians in Turkey. we have totally gone astray. we now preach prosperity, no more building of desciples. do you know the current total money in CAN account is just 1.2Million Naira? no money for missionary journey, Christians in the north are dying everyday, yet our pastors are riding and flying on private jets.

    A Redeem member sees a Christ embassy member as a sinner… no unity, no love and no hope anymore. the Muslims are Islamizing Nigeria and the Christians are there smiling and pursuing prosperity.

    Christians need to wake up and fight … we are at war in Nigeria. all top heads are muslims. what are Christians doing? there is no where in the Nigerian Constitution where the Bible, where Christianity nor Christ was mentioned. but Islam, Mosques, Khadid, Sharia were mentioned in the Nigerian constitution several times, yet Christians are there smiling and claiming peace. If Islam could over throw Turkey who has spent 1700 years as Christians, is it Nigeria that Islam can not take over?

    We must fight to get sharia out of the Nigerian Constitution.

    Wake up my Christian brothers.

  57. Are we supposed to be following issues of misunderstandings when the harvest is ripe? If this ripe harvest is not quickly attended to, it will rotten. Whether you are a Bishop, Pastor, evangelist or even General Overseer, Let’s forget pride and let’s not fight ourselves but let’s rather retrieve our own dear nation from the hands of the evil one. Let’s make real disciples for JESUS CHRIST.

    1. after all been said and done most of the article is correct unlike Lazarus muoka a good man of God but greed has blind his eyes he can’t the his master remains his master as humble as that servant of God is…. note the scripture and talk no more further about it. men of God are servant of God let him judge them

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