March 23, 2023

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Redeemed Pastor’s Wife Siju Iluyomade Turns Power Broker

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imageIn the Nigeria’s society circle, one woman who has passion and knack for fashion and accessories is the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David, Victoria Island, Lagos pastor’s wife, Siju Iluyomade; but today the woman of God has added decorated her cap with another feather – she is fast turning herself into a power broker among women in Nigeria with her project called Arise Women.
An event organized by Arise Women recently attracted a roll call of who-is-who in the political circle including Dolapo, the wife of vice-president and other first ladies among other important dignitaries. This feat alone signifies the fact that Siju, although a ‘woman of God’, has blended well in the society for her to have commanded the presence of such people.
Another fact about this woman is that she occupies the driver’s seat in the fashion department of the City of David. The church has always been known for imbibing an attitude of world-class sophistication, luxury and opulence, and this is expressly accentuated by the calibre of people who throng the architectural masterpiece to worship. Members of the congregation at COD also have penchant for fashion and exotic cars.
Interestingly too, the fashion revolution sweeping through COD, a church reputed to be the richest RCCG parish in Nigeria, is being led by no one else but Siju Iluyomade, the wife of the senior pastor of the church, Pastor Idowu Olusola Iluyomade. The marriage between this couples who fondly call each other ‘Sugar Baby,’ is blessed with three children.
Pastor Idowu Iluyomade’s headship of the church pastorate only adds impetus to the glamour already associated with the church. His wife’s love for jewelries and top designer wears has assumed another dimension as she hardly wears or repeats the same set of jewelries twice in a long time. Pastor Siju is a role model to young worshippers in the church who also want to attain a certain height in the ladder of high-street fashion.
During any service at COD, Pastor Siju is always the cynosure of all eyes, and she incessantly causes stirs whenever she steps out. Siju, a lawyer by profession is the epitome of glamour, panache and unbridled aura. Her face is artistically crafted with the most expensive of beauty implements. Then her wardrobe comes with the best collection of haute-couture to expensive lace fabrics.
Typically, she takes her time to ensure that no one matches her in the looks department. Pastor Siju, a well-travelled lady has a passion for shopping in the world. Gucci, Zagliani, Hermes, Marc, Jacobs, Martin Margiela, Christian Louboutin are some of her favourites. But it is her love for jewelry that takes the cake.
Pastor Siju wears the most dramatic jewelry pieces. Her choice of designs is always embellished with carats of diamonds and gemstones. In fact, her choice of stones always takes the centre stage. Her pearls are always rock sizes and are fresh water pearls. She has a taste in jewelry that can only be compared to the likes of Florence Ita-Giwa, Daisy Danjuma, Folorunso Alakija, Toyin Saraki, Bola Shagaya, Sade Alesh and some other society women.

3 thoughts on “Redeemed Pastor’s Wife Siju Iluyomade Turns Power Broker

  1. Calvary greeting!
    Publisher how astound I am reading about Pastor illuyomade’s wife way of dressing
    I am not despising or accussing her of dressing nice cause she represent many women especially women of God . But my suggestion as a woman of God and in the Ministry of Faith is that we are all called by God to inspire, encourage, nature, uplift and win soul for the kingdom of our Living God. Reading about her choice of expensive dressing and jewelry alert me to write you ,that caution must be taken cause this is not why we are called by our Lord Jesus Christ .
    Let us not deviate from the mission we were commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ..
    This suggestion is from someone who love her dearly and all Christ Children Not from Haters .
    Heaven Shall Be Our Portion in the Mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Publisher!

    I will like you to lay more emphasizes on great mighty things God is doing through women of Faith all over thru the Holy Spirit of God imbibe in us and how we impact our Congregation, Community and even our Nation Positively with all kind of Chaotic Situation everywhere.

    Thank you
    God. Bless You

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