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AdeboyeA writer once explained that the church has become canal, while worldly things has gradually crept into the church, this much can be said about the attitude and ways of many of the pastors of the church with one of the largest congregation in the world, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Despite the fact that the church is under the leadership of one of the most respected man of God in Africa and the world, the church image all-over the world is on the recline due to the many attributes of the pastors under the commission which can be likened to that of the devil.

Investigation reveals that the pastors under the RCCG, seems hell bent in slushing the image of the church worldwide not minding the effort few in the church are putting into remolding the battered image of the church or how else could the many indiscipline acts of these pastors in their different places of work and even the church be placed. Sources reveal some pastors of the church are so reckless with their love for money that Judas Iscariot who sold Jesus is more like a saint in compare to them, sometimes ago Global News reported how some Pastors of the church are fighting the contractor commissioned to work on the proposed church development of Good Shepard Pasture, Yaba, over money.

The issue, which sees the pastors threatening the contractor that the contract would be revoked if he fails to comply their financial demands has seen the construction fee being increased from about N200 million that was budgeted for it to almost N300 million that has been spent to build the Church Development structure to the current uncompleted state it still is at the moment, the church is at the moment still said to be looking more than N100 million to finally complete works on the project.

Other atrocities perpetrated by the RCCG pastors has seen the plan of the church to secure approval for helipad scuttled, it was reliably gathered by sources within Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) that some pastors of the church in their quest to make money at all cost from the church may have led them into trouble waters with the NCAA, the story goes to say the contract to build the church helipad was awarded to one captain who the source will not mention and in the process of the construction he was approached as usual by some senior pastors of the church who want a cut from the money earmark for the construction only to be turned down by the captain who has already charged the church below the necessary amount owing to the fact that he’s also a Christian and will want it to be easy for the church, his refusal was said to have annoyed the pastors who also approached the NCAA with a plan that the license to make the helipad functional should be denied the Captain, unknown to them most of those working in the NCAA had at one time or the other worked with or under the now retired Captain who they all love, the issue was said to have been reported to him which forced him to instruct those with the NCAA not to issue helipad license to the church indefinitely.

In the same vein another incident is that of a man who will like to help the church put its progammes on satellite television just like other churches around, and the guy being a Christian decided that as part of his own contribution towards the works of God decided to do it free for one year, but rather than appreciate such gesture the pastor in charge of the account in the church was said to have insisted that he bill the church to the tune N50 million or else the project the young man planned to execute free of charge for the church will not be approved, so bad is the love of money prevalent among the pastors that they have metamorphosed into series of devilish activities.

There has also been several stories of pastors of RCCG committing adultery that hardly is there a time that one pastor of the church within and outside Nigeria is not being mentioned for falling into this sin of the flesh, some were even so much used to it that they had children out of wedlock and sometimes leaving their spouse for the concubine, this has also been posing a great deal of concern for the General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye, who had several times place curses on erring pastors of the church because of their many atrocities.

Sources also disclosed that he’s also facing series of antagonism over his decision to personally supervise the church new auditorium project, the project which is going to comprise of a 1.5 million sitting auditorium, 100, 000 sitting youth church, car parks that can accommodate 70, 000 cars, shopping arcade, food canteens and other of such facilities will cost the church a whooping N35 billion, and this financial gratification seems to have attracted the interest of the pastors who will do anything to corner the many supplies and money meant for the building project.

It was gathered that since the inception of the project which is planned to last for just one year, these set of crooked pastors have been doing all sort of things to disrupt works on the site, sometimes last year, some thugs were set loose on the acquired land disrupting works under the disguise that they are land owners whose land was sold illegally, tutored by the pastors to demand for money knowing well that the G O cannot afford crisis that will delay works on the project owing to the deadline, after that was sorted and the work on the site continue, they were also alleged to have been hiding under some customs official to frustrate the importation of the materials that will be used in the construction with the aim of making sure the time set by Daddy GO as Pastor Adeboye is fondly called by the people is not met.

The way and manner some of these Pastors are going about their quest to make money under the guise that they are working for God has always been a thing of concern to Pastor Adeboye, who has never hide his displeasure as he curses them on regular basis, while warning them to desist from such act as it not presenting the church well in the society.

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