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It was said in the Bible that the kingdom of God surfers violence and that it is only the strong that takes it by force. Recent happenings in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) where even among those that are supposed to be close to the General Overseer (GO) of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye are not spared from the acts further confirms that very Bible passage.

Recently, we were reliably informed that another pastor of the church who is also in the interpreter’s department was also discovered to have fathered a child out of matrimony. This we gathered came to the knowledge of the gentleman of God some couple of months back when the mother was alleged to have approached the man at Redemption Camp to inform him of the needs of his child.

A very disappointed Pastor Adeboye was said to have decided to publicly disgrace the man he holds in high esteem but was prevailed upon by close aides to not make it public knowledge as making it a public thing will only help batter the already shredded image of the church. This we gathered was one of the reasons the soft-spoken Daddy GO as he is fondly called by his congregation decided to place a ban on the interpreting department, aside the case of the other pastor who was caught with charms suspected to be aimed at harming the Osun State-born former lecturer turned pastor..

The church has been in the public glare for long over so many controversial issues. It will not be taking such action on pastors of the church for related offences for the first time; one of earliest ones and the most talked about of such action is the one taken on a pastor of one of the fastest growing parishes as at that time the Church of God Parish, pastored by Itua Ighodalo, who was sacked by the church for marrying another woman when his wife is still alive, an act the church claimed is not biblical, and he has since moved on to start his own church.

In such vein the number of pastors of the church in recent past that have been having unholy affairs out of their marriage is also on the increase, few examples of which are that of a pastor of the church in Spain who was the church coordinator in that country and who was recently sacked for having extra-marital affairs with two church members. Another is that of the church pastor that died in an air disaster years back only to be revealed that he was actually having children out of wedlock with another woman.

The most recent is the rumour that of one of the Daddy GO’s sons-in-law who was alleged to have put his long-time secretary in the family way. These incidents and many more are said to be the reason the man of God will also not leave the church in the hands of people of such questionable character, which is the reason some pastors in the church will do anything to be independent of the GO’s strict religious beliefs.

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