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It is the belief in Africa that a married woman needs to be more reserved, especially the one who just put to bed; and this much can be seen in Kogi-born actress, Mercy Johnson, who quickly had a baby after her marriage to her heartthrob Prince Odi.

And despite the fact that she not too long ago had her baby, it was gathered that she has been enjoying steady patronage from producers who realized that she’s free of habits that can make her difficult to handle on set unlike the Akwa Ibom-born sultry actress Ini Edo who has fallen from the radar of producers in Nigeria.

It would be recalled that Ini Edo who married before MJ, as Mercy Johnson’s fans always call her, has been featuring regularly in the news for the wrong reasons. She was at a time reported to have left a club in company of a man who is not her husband who was based in faraway America then, though the husband claimed the report was wrong then and later decided not to talk about it as he could not prove otherwise. She was at another time spotted in another club where she was dead drunk.

Her marriage was at a time said to have hit the rocks because of the frequency with which she paraded clubs not minding the fact that she was married. It is also common knowledge that her main problem has to do with the consumption of alcohol.

It was further revealed that the reason she has really not been featured by producers and directors of Nigerian movies is her newfound addiction to the liquor. Though she was known to be a diehard clubber in her days when she was still single, sustaining the habit with her new married status is a thing of concern to the producers and this informed the reason they have not been too keen to feature her in movies and it was this, according to sources, that turned her into a producer.

Ini, as her friends call her, was at a time rumoured to have miscarried a pregnancy she was reported to have almost the same time MJ conceived because she would not leave boozing and this it was said contributed to her losing the baby and after this she was said to have delved fully into consumption of alcohol to the level at which it is usually very difficult for any producer or director to manage her.

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