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We present to you a gist you will never find anywhere but only in our bosom; the story of the unhealthy rivalry between Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and Senator Daisy Danjuma. These two women have a lot in common. Firstly they are female icons and they both wear the senator accolade with all its prestigious and attendant honour. They are sleek sassy, sleek, uber fashionable and are avowed collectors of the finest gemstones. From diamonds, precious metals and Kokichi Mikimoto pearls to the most flawless of Sapphires and rubies, they stock these very outrageously accessories with unmatched impunity. In fact their love for bling is legendary. Harry Winston, Chopard, Van clef and Arpels, Graff to even the biggest names in Hatton Garden, these women have it all. They are ‘members’ of the prestigious diamond club where your multi-billion naira account is the prerequisite for your admission.

But while Ita-Giwa has had to do it all by herself, without the help of a ‘man’, the super stunning Daisy has had to rely on her husband’s clout to reach the pinnacle of her career. Amongst most of their friends, it is a known gist that the two of them are in some form of competition as to who will outshine the other. In fact, behind closed doors they both bad-mouth each other and we shall tell you why. A long time ago, even before the emergence of Senator Daisy Danjuma in the Danjuma household, Senator Florence Ita-giwa is said to have been very close to General Theophilous Danjuma. So close were they that their ‘special’ relationship was an open secret among most socialites. Florence Ita-Giwa was a very vivacious business woman and was known to be quite close to a number of top military brasses. Her ‘special’ friendship with General Danjuma was said to have paid off handsomely as he spoilt her silly with the luxuries of life. Ita-Giwa being a very smart lady utilised this opportunity well and in the end she is believed to have gained so much from it. It has in no small way contributed to her present status. Therefore, according to some top society ladies, it is these benefits that Senator Ita-Giwa has acquired from the special friendship that has spurned outright jealousy in Daisy Danjuma. Most women will never want to be outshined by either their husband’s mistresses or close female acquaintances.

After Ita-Giwa left the senate in 2003 to become the Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters, Daisy immediately used her husband’s wealth to fund her entry in the 2003-2007 senate, but failed to get re-elected in 2007 so she planned for the 2011 senate. It is alleged that during Daisy’s tenure in the senate, she did not really do much for her Edo-South senatorial district.

It is a known fact that there are two categories of federal legislators. There are those who run a thorough open door policy and try as much as possible to be in tune with the urgent needs of their constituency. That way, come next election, their constituencies ensure that they return to the National Assembly to continue their good work. Then there are those who dump their immediate constituency and make themselves unreachable once they are sworn in. That was alleged to be the case with Mrs. Danjuma. Even though she built a structure in Benin for her constituency, most Benin people feel that cost her nothing as she is filthilsy rich. The fact is that the youths couldn’t reach her during her tenure as she hardly ever picked calls that were unknown. So they repaid her by dumping her for another candidate in 2007 and by 2011 Daisy who was now very desperate to return to the senate reached a compromise with her constituency hence her emergence as the PDP flag bearer for Edo-South Senatorial District. Word on the street of Benin City is that Senator Danjuma was given a huge bill by top executives in her constituency. This mighty bill, it is alleged, was in 1,000,000,000 region. They maintained that with such gratitude they would return her to the senate in May 2011.

She is believed to have met up with the demand and was very confident winning the keenly contested elections that year. But unknown to her, she had been conned as the booty was shared with an agreement amongst the stakeholders that the opposition candidate be voted in. Amongst the top PDP in Edo South they strongly believed that the financial gratitude she brought forward was their electoral right as she had previously spent four years in the senate for her own selfish end completely relegating them to the back. In fact, one of the top PDP exco members, who gave us so much information on condition of anonymity, said, “They had hatched that wicked plan against the stunning Senator Daisy as a revenge for how she treated them previously”.

In the end she lost to the opposition candidate and her dreams were completely shattered. Politically, she is irrelevant at the moment although she recently staged a super-shindig in Marbella, Spain, to mark her birthday.

On the contrary, Ita-Giwa is a hustler. She is just in tune with her constituency for she has fought so many battles to get them their overdue recognition. Her other name is Mama Bakassi, a testimony to the fact that she is the mouthpiece of her people. She runs an open door policy and is obviously a good strategist while Daisy has been unable to re-launch herself in the scheme of things, Florence Ita-Giwa has strategically become close to the first family and literarily brought Lagos to a stop when she hosted Patience Jonathan.

Today she has been announced as a member of the prestigious board of Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA). This board membership is to put mildly, very lucrative. So it is a common belief amongst their friends that even though Daisy Danjuma might be financially more invested than Ita-Giwa, politically Ita-Giwa is far more superior soul.

Socially too, Ita-Giwa is far more connected as she parties with everybody and cannot be said to be snobbish. When they run into each other at public functions, they exchange pleasantries and are more than civil with each other, but when anyone of them looks away, the other begins to run her down. As for what they say about each other, it is even more toxic than what you have just read. Stay glued to this page.

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