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Following our recent expose on the very private gay lives of most Island big boys, there has been an overwhelming response from every quarter.So hard and penetrating had the story hit a lot of the big boys on the Island that they have now resorted to throwing a lot of their wild sexually themed parties outside the shores of this country. They feel very uncomfortable letting down their guards even in the comfort of their well secured mansions or even the virtually impossible to access luxurious hotels owned by their parents where their tryst usually takes place.

So the end result is traveling out of the country with their co-twisted partners in this sordid game of down low homosexuality. For the benefit of readers, the word ‘downlow’ was coined in the black American community for prominent black men who are notorious homosexuals but cannot come into the open like their white contemporaries. Because of the moralistic posture of the black society they decide to get anal riding on the ‘down low’. This is what is now prevalent in today’s Nigeria, and Lagos Island to be more specific. The favorite destinations for their la patouze, as the French will call it, is Ghana, SA, Miami,St Tropez and the Mexican Riviera of Cancun. These places provide them with the gay-friendly atmosphere needed amidst opulence and five-star living.

Ghana has become quite popular in recent times because of its proximity. A lot of big boys who don’t like traveling far settle for Ghana as they feel it is very near home but most importantly the Ghana gay crowd is now seriously contending with their Nigerian counterparts. Bisexuality and its periphery have come in full time on the Ghana soil thus creating a wave of new market for Nigerian big boys.

But unknown to this illicit crew of Sodom and Gomorrah, our microscopic lens are far-reaching enough to cover the scandalous group sex and we shall be exposing every single one for you in subsequent editions. Our recent story about a Lagos big boy got this silver spoon kid rattled and so worked up that he lost heat temporarily; and unknown to him we knew much more and are in possession of a very explosive footage that if allowed to be seen by the general public will simply drag his family’s great name to the dirtiest of gutters.

For clarification purposes let it be known that this publication is not only very entrenched in the heart of the Lagos Island social establishment but that we choose at the first instance to publish our stories at surface level leaving the very damning evidences for when provoked in any manner. What we give you is actually less than 30 per cent of the real gist as the evidences before us is to put it mildly despicable.

We know a lot more than can be imagined and we will not hesitate to strip any of the shameless so-called big boy or girl naked in the market place, for all intents and purposes, let us take you on a sneak preview of our menu list:

This is about the Lagos mega big boy who brings in his male lovers into the other wing of his twin mansion for marathon sex and the sad gist is that his wife is okay with that as she cannot walk out of this marriage that has put her on the best dressed list for years! The story around another Lagos big boy from one of the most prominent Ijebu families whose criteria for employing staff (drivers,security,PAs, houseboys etc.) is that you must be fit and hung like a hunk because in addition to your contractual job you will be drilling oga’s lucrative oil well(this Lagos big boy is the bottom in this scenario).His stunning wife is very much in the picture, that’s why all their drivers and domestic staff use the most expensive and latest mobile phones.

We are also fully aware of this shameless Lagos iconic celebrity couple from the Eastern part of the country who are in an open marriage; while the very light-skinned wife whose trademark is her freaky makeup is permitted to sleep with men with reckless abandon (bringing to memory the tripartite sex this lady had with Biola,daughter of billionaire and brother to the late first lady in the Parisian capital some years ago). Her husband whose eyes are always swollen and blood shot cavorts with his strings of gay lovers, most notable his long running homosexual relationship with the controversial ex-governor of one of the eastern states.

We can go on and on, our collection is endless. On a final note we are in possession of nude and very revealing pictures of a lot of the big boys and girls who parade themselves as decent human beings whereas they are perverts, and if in doubt you will get to see it here.The monumental outing is just about to begin.

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