September 21, 2023

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Real Reason Rebellious Redeemed Pastors Want Pastor Adeboye Out+ Their Many Attempts on his life…How he survived letter Bomb

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Pastor Adeboye

pastor adeboyeThe Bible states in the Gospel According to St. Luke: “From now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three…” And truly this quickly manifesting in the once very happy household of God in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) as pastors of the church have for some time now been waging war against their general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, (generally called Daddy GO by most Nigerian Christians), over his stance on some issues in the church.

Some years back when the pastors of  the church were becoming prominent in the news for all the wrong reasons like fraud, extra-marital affairs and all sorts of things not befitting the church, the GO was said to have suggested to them in a pastors’ meeting that they should together swear to God that they would not delve into such things, but it was alleged that the pastors refused to take the decision and this it was, according to sources, the reason the man of God decided to take a hard stance on pastors of the church engaging in activities that will drag the name of the church in the mud again.

His decision we gathered has not gone down well with the pastors who have since been planning to get rid of the GO for not allowing them engage in activities they feel will fetch them money using the name of the church. Their first plot, we gathered, was hatched when they collectively planned that any pastor of the church that has attained 70 years of age should retire, a plan they thought would force them to retire the man of God whose 70th birthday was just a few years then. This Pastor Adeboye had wisely resisted when he instructed them that he would only retire when God asks him to and that nobody but God can instruct him otherwise.

This further angered the set of pastors who want him out at all cost, but they were unable to powerfully enforce such law on him because they knew the church members would lynch them should they attempt to use force and it was because of this that they decided to employ other strategies that ranged from poisoning to employing the use of charms just for him to leave his position as the head of the RCCG.

News of different attempts on his life has for some time now been well reported; the use of charms was at different occasions employed. One of them involved one of the pastors close to him leading to the sack of the said pastor. A close source revealed that early this year the GO escaped bomb attack, the bomb which was sent to him in a letter. The saving grace was that in the process of moving the locally made bomb it was exposed to the extent that it arrived his table wet and had lost its potency. All the happened was the bomb just releasing fumes just like a wet fire-cracker.

The various attempts have further been emboldening the man of God whose church has been the target of newshounds lately due to many escapades of his pastors. It got to a stage where Pastor Adeboye decided to place a curse on anybody who will do anything to drag the name of the church in the mud.

Though the negative activities of the pastors are not as pronounced as before, sources revealed they are still unrepentant about their attitude to issues and this has kept the church in bad light for a long time. Not too long ago, some pastors of the church were said to have demanded money from contractors who were executing a construction work for the church at a site in Yaba area of Lagos. In another development, some pastors of the church were said to have hired some thugs to disrupt construction works on the site of the church mega auditorium just to demand for additional money from the church for lands that have been bought and paid for. The villagers had to publicly dissociate themselves from the activities of the hired thugs.

Despite all their efforts, most of them have decided to work underground for fear of becoming victims of the curse of the Man of God.

2 thoughts on “Real Reason Rebellious Redeemed Pastors Want Pastor Adeboye Out+ Their Many Attempts on his life…How he survived letter Bomb

  1. Lies, Lies and Lies.
    They did not stop Jesus Christ from fulfilling the divine purposes of His ministry, they will not stop His son, Daddy Adeboye from fulfilling God’s purposes for his generation. More strength and anointing for you sir.

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