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Diezani Alison-Madueke

She is presently the most controversial of this set of women in Nigeria. According to the popular Wikileaks, she is a mole in the petroleum ministry. But rather than investigate her and, perhaps, punish her for leaking sensitive information, she was retained in the petroleum ministry where she is currently serving as Petroleum Minister. Though she’s been accused severally of engaging in shady deals, the former staff of Shell Petroleum attained the climax of controversy with the role she played in the very unpopular fuel subsidy withdrawal saga. It was recently revealed that the woman has been acquiring wealth to the detriment of the well being of the people. She was accused of inflating the purported subsidy funds; her child and step-children were also revealed to be living in affluence abroad. Diezani it was that granted oil exploration licence to her jewelry maker. So many are the shady circumstances surrounding her that it will be right to call her the queen of controversy in Nigeria.

Mercy Johnson

This is a young lady many believe has an aura that attracts controversies. The Kogi State-born actress lives and does things in controversy. She has from time to time been mentioned in many issues that have to do with snatching of many people’s husbands, destroying relationships, quarreling with colleagues and much more, but the most recent of these had to do with her choice of husband. Weeks to her wedding, it was revealed that her husband was actually married to another woman who had children for him and at the period of the wedding he was still not divorced from the lady. Though many pitied Mercy because they saw her as a victim of deceit by the man, her next action showed she may have been part of the controversy from the outset, as she decided to marry the man while lying to the people that he was not married. She then accompanied him to file for divorce in an Edo State court. Though she is currently lying low, her controversial lifestyle speaks volume and it will be right to say her footprint has been impacted in the sands of controversy over time.

Bukky Wright

She’s a perfect script interpreter and her legacy would live long after her. Though she is newly remarried, many are skeptical about the success potential of the wedding as she has the record of the most wedded Nigerian actress – the recent one was the fifth. She’s said to have never legally divorced any of her hubbies; which means she’s married to five husbands at the same time. Apart from this, she has a reputation of relationships with married men. She is even rumoured to be using charms in luring men to her. One of them is said to be a billionaire property merchant. Bukky is indeed very controversial.

Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde

She’s one actress many would want to believe is without controversy. She got married quite young and before her 25th birthday she’d had her fourth child. Omotola’s first glimpse of controversy came when she played the lead role in The Prostitute, where she was almost naked in one of the scenes; a situation that forced many to question her morality. After that came her period of war with some other actresses in the industry. Her morality as a married woman was called into question recently when she attended the Grammy Awards in company of a man that is not her pilot husband, who placed his hand on her buttocks possessively. Many were even of the opinion that the strange man who took the said picture with her would only do that because he must be one of her boyfriends. Many believe Omotola, or Omosexy, as she’s fondly called, is indeed very controversial.

Hajia Bola Shagaya

Hajia as she’s fondly called is a very visible face in the corridors of power as she’s usually very close to all First Ladies in the country, who she makes sure eat out of her palm. She’s been involved of late in so many controversies, ranging from alleged fronting for former first ladies Late Maryam Babangida and  Turai Yar’Adua, who she is accused of abandoning them after the expiration of the tenure of their husbands. She is currently one of the right hand women of the present first lady, Patience Jonathan. Some even allege she has her way even with the men in power.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

She’s one of the most controversial women in the country at the moment, and one of the actors that played lead roles in the subsidy removal crisis that engulfed the country. The World Bank envoy was said to have earned less than $500,000 per annum at the global bank compared to more than $3 million she’s presently earning as Nigeria’s Finance Minister. Okonjo-Iweala has always been at the forefront of many controversies with her quest to actualize the will of her bosses at the World Bank to the detriment of Nigerians.

Mrs. Joke Orelope-Adefulire

She’s the Deputy Governor of Lagos State. Before now she had served in the capacity of commissioner for many years. Married to a Lagos Judge after she severed her marriage to her father’s driver with whom she had children, she got herself enmeshed in controversy as a commissioner when she decided to abandon her father due to an issue that happened between the father and her mum years back. Another is the fact she abandoned her first husband and father of her children who she refuses to assist even when she’s in a position, leaving the man to be living in penury.

Ini Edo

This beautiful actress from the South-South is indeed a very controversial person. Going back to the years she was living with her step-sister somewhere around Ikorodu Road, till the time she moved to Winnies Hotel in Surulere area of Lagos, to the time she joined the make-believe industry, controversy seems to have become part of her. Known to have fought a journalist because of her then boyfriend, now husband, her name has been mentioned several times in issues relating to husband and boyfriend snatching before her marriage and she’s now regularly being mentioned for fighting her colleagues in the movie industry. Ini, as she’s fondly called by her fans, is an habitual night crawler; she’s been seen frequenting clubs even after she eventually got married.

Eucharia Anunobi

She was at a time the most sought-after name in Nigeria’s movie industry. She’s known for her many affairs in the industry before her marriage to America-based businessman Ekwu and this forced many observers to doubt her seriousness about the marriage, while many felt the wedding, which was finally dissolved some years back, wouldn’t last. In the course of the dissolution of the wedding blessed with a male child, she gave fillip to why many refer to her as Madam Controversy when she demanded for N100 milion settlement from the husband who had been out of the country all the time the divorce proceedings she instituted was going on. She had to back down when the husband sent his own lawyer to represent him in the court. Eucharia recently announced she’s becoming a pastor, an announcement that brought another controversy.

Florence Ita-Giwa

She’s a politician who has served in different political positions. She was at a time a Senator and later she became a special adviser to the then president of Nigeria. She was at a time called Mama Bakassi, not because of her stature  but because of her clamour for the freedom of the people of Bakassi Peninsula. And in her time she has been embroiled in so many controversies, some of which are alleged romance with the former president she was at a time a special adviser to. She was said at a time to be enjoying the company of much younger men and, at a time it was an issue that had to do with the father of her beautiful daughter who once dated a footballer that later married a former beauty queen that took the air. She has had her share of controversy and who knows she may still enjoy some more.

Queen Ure

Her problem is her love for younger men. She was at a time married to a much younger musician who leveraged on her to attain a certain level in the music world before walking out of the marriage. Though she was badly hurt by her relationship with much younger Soul-e, her hunger for younger blood taking took control of her and she has been recorded to have had series of relationships with guys much younger than her. This she confirmed recently when she confessed to dreaming of getting married to younger TuFace Idibia. The Queen without a throne, with her recent love confession has opened another controversial topic about her weird love life.

Stephanie Okereke

This actor of “Through The Glass”, in the real sense of it can be said to be very controversial. She was at a time married to Chikelu Illonuasi, a former Super Eagles player, who she claimed she divorced while the guy in question is insisting that they were never married and that Stephanie had been involved with other guys while they were dating. She was also said to have had a quarrel with some members of the family of the new guy she’s dating, who said she won’t be marrying their son. Though many believe she’s straight, Stephanie has been linked with so many people including some state governors, who she is alleged to have at one time or the other warmed their beds. She’s one lady who has been consistently keeping her date with controversy.

Tonto Dikeh

Nobody will mention controversy without giving her a mention. Tonto Dikeh, an asthmatic who can’t do without smoking, spurs controversy with anything she’s doing and anywhere she goes. To mention a few of her many controversies, one will not but mention the fact that she acted in two soft porn movies. Apart from the movies she also picks grudges with actors at will, one of which was when she allegedly slapped a married actor, Van Vicker, on set. She also shows her weird ways with tattoos on different parts of her body. It is the  belief of many that the name Tonto means controversy.

Kate Henshaw

She was the apple of the eye of many when she just entered the movie industry. Kate, a princess, also attracts the attention of princes, both within and outside the movie industry, and that means she enjoyed many relationships in the society. She even had a quarrel with another artiste over Sammy Okposo at a time, so many were surprised when she decided leave the shores of the country to marry a white man, an act many reasoned must be because she had had flings with many of the eligible men that should have asked for her hand in marriage. But in her response, she explained that when the guys in Nigeria were not forthcoming she decided to marry a white man. The recent controversy involving the princess is that she was said to have slept with other men and in the process got caught by her husband, which is the reason they decided to divorce.


Little Modupe Oreoluwa, also know as Mocheda, has done enough to get herself a mention in the league of controversial celebrities in such a short time in the showbiz industry. The petite, beautiful rapper cum musician was in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. She was at a time said to have had a child when she was 17 years. She was also linked to one or the other artiste and to crown it, she was said to have sent a naked picture of herself to another music act in El-Dee. Though she denied it, saying somebody hacked into her twitter account to send the picture, critics are of the opinion that it’s only a matter of time before another controversy surfaces.

Fathia Balogun

Faithia is not new to controversy. She’s one actress who is believed to have developed a thick skin to controversy. She has been involved in many of such issues. Ever before she ventured into acting, she dated a guy in London who she had a baby for before settling down with Saheed Balogun, another actor who had wooed her before she travelled to London to have the child for another man. Through all the years she was married to Saheed, she was always in the news for the wrong reasons, the peak of which led to her and the husband parting ways. She was said to be sleeping with another actor and a friend of her husband’s in the industry and at the same time a movie marketer they looked up to for advice. And that was responsible for the break-up of the marriage. She has after that been mentioned in different relationships, the latest is her alleged liaison with the former husband of another actress, Goriola Hassan. This has since degenerated into controversy, which the actress is treating like past ones.

Hon Uche Ekwunife

She was a member of the Federal House of Representatives from Anambra State. Though news of her lesbianism filtered in sometime ago, she attributed it to her political opponents. But stories coming out from her state and the House of Representatives alleged tend to suggest that she’s fond of keeping such company. Controversy over a lesbian video is being used by the western world to campaign against the stand of the legislature against same sex marriage.

Empress Njamah

Big-eyed Empress Njamah is one of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood. Just as her family is synonymous with acting and directing in the entertainment industry, Empress Njamah’s name is synonymous with controversy. Accused by faceless people of being a kleptomaniac, they said it got so bad that people started avoiding her. And when they can’t stay away from her, they guard their possession jealously.

Following that allegation is the much-hyped affair she had with one of the most talented musicians in Nigeria, Timaya, Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa. Everyone had thought the affair was altar-bound when the Yankulaya crooner sang her praise in one of his tracks, but within the twinkle of an eye the affair crashed.

Timaya was said to have stormed the dark-skinned actress’ church with thugs, with the intention of getting back a car from her. It became really messy because Empress refused releasing the car, claiming that it was hers but Timaya claimed he gave her money to buy a car but that she squandered it.

Jennifer Obayunwana

The fact that this beautiful daughter of Polo boss has warmed the bed of one of the most fashionable and talented musicians in Nigeria, Dapo Banjo, popularly called D’banj, is not really the issue. What is, is the fact that she is twice as nice when it comes to the issue of smoking the C weed. Some men are not equal to her when it comes to this game. She was said to be smoking mates with D’banj and one of the sons of a prominent Nigerian, Dipo George, son of former chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in South-West, Chief Bode George.

Dipo George was Jennifer’s close accomplice and they were often found in each other’s company, especially in odd places like Afrika Shrine. We gathered that the rate at which these kids were indulging in the substance prompted Bode George to send his son abroad. Guess Jennifer is bad company

Modupe Ozolua

Top society lady, Modupe Ozolua is one of the most beautiful faces in the country. A cosmetologist, she was among the first to introduce breast enlargement to the country. A believer of the dictum, practice what you preach, she also has silicon implants in her breasts. This mother of one is a bundle of controversy and notable, respected men had been caught on several occasions staring at her boobs.

Late last year, her beauty parlour was put up for sale because she believes her new faith contradicts what she does for a living. Modupe was said to have become a staunch member of Mountain of Fire Church.

Nike Oshinowo

One-time most beautiful girl in Nigeria, though she is legally married to Dr. Tunde Soleye, she is not in haste about getting pregnant at age 40 plus. Guess it is because she wants to keep her sexy shape intact.

It was believed she caused the separation between Dr. Soleye and his wife. She is far from scandal-free and is very controversial. There has been talk that she warmed the beds of several notable people in the society before she got married to her hubby.

She is attached to her maiden name and we don’t think she intends dropping it. Former vice president Atiku Abubakar, Adrian Wood, ex Lagos governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Wade Cherwayko and the owner of popular KS Place on the Island, Kamal Boustani are alleged to have tasted from her honey pot.

Pero Adeniyi

She is one of the baby mamas of one of the talented, most popular and sought-after musical artiste in Nigeria, Innocent Idibia, popularly called 2face. She is one of the beautiful women winning the heart of Tuface presently and the fact that she successfully gains the African Queen singer’s attention each time she needs him makes her controversial. Also, she has the highest number of kids for 2face.

The most controversial issue about Pero Adeniyi is the fact that she was legally married in the United States before she flew to Nigeria without giving her hubby prior notice.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genny, as she is fondly called, can be rated as one of the most sought-after and highest paid thespians in Nollywood. The beautiful mother of one has been severally linked with notable men in the entertainment industry, among them Ramsey Nouah, Jim Iyke; and the most hyped among her alleged affairs was with Dapo Banjo, popularly called D’banj. He featured her in one of his songs titled Fall in Love. The alleged affair caused lot of controversy; some people were of the opinion that these entertainers were not dating, that it was just an avenue to get attention, and that Genevieve was actually paid for that role she played in the song video.

Some of her close friends revealed that Genevieve doesn’t use her money to call men; that they dote on her. We learnt most of the deals she sealed outside acting were actually tied to repayment in kind, whatever that means. She was also alleged to have dated former vice president of Nigeria, and that had opened doors of opportunity for her.

Tayo Odueke

Light-skinned, or is it dark-skinned, because this actress was actually born dark-complexioned until fame came calling, she is popularly called Sikiratu Sindodo, a role she played in one of several  Nollywood flicks she has featured in .

This producer of Apeere once accidentally ran over an 11-month-old baby through the carelessness of the parent because obviously, Tayo wasn’t aware. She spent days in police custody but she was later acquitted. She dated one of the finest producers cum actors in Yoruba Nollywood, Kunle Afod and the relationship was very rosy until one of the most respected dudes in the NURTW, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly called MC Oluomo, came her way and she got carried away.

They were seen everywhere, they never left any event unattended and unnoticed because MC just doesn’t know how to spend and get ignored. Many other Nollywood actresses tried to get his attention but it was all in vain. But suddenly the devil reared its ugly head. When news circulated around town that the once rosy affair had crumbled, people believed it was all lie, until the Murano jeep the guy got Tayo was seized from her. Last year she was rumoured dead, but eventually people realized she was battling to survive. Few people believed she would come out alive because of the nature of her sickness. But the Lagos State government came to her rescue and she was flown abroad. Few months after she came back healthy but has rarely been seen in the entertainment scene since.

Chika Ike

One of the few actresses that gained prominence when Genevieve and some other Nollywood artistes were placed under ban, she has acted in several movies. When this dark-skinned actress with a graceful figure tied the nuptial knot, people were happy that one of Nollywood beauties is finally settling down. But the marriage crashed soon after it was contracted. We gathered that it was her fault, that her husband really loved her with passion but Chika can’t just stand being controlled by a man. Guess she wasn’t moved when the affair crumbled because she was seen frolicking around town with big men that could afford her extravagant bills.

Information at our disposal reveal that Chika Ike got a jeep from the Senate President, Senator David Mark and the affair is no longer news. She also opened a fashion accessory boutique and bought a Range Rover jeep worth N15 million, all courtesy of the third citizen of the country. She was also rumoured to have dated former Speaker, Dimeji Bankole

Turai Yar’Adua

She was the wife of the former president of Nigeria, Late Umaru Yar’Adua, and she gave birth to five daughters and two sons. Hajia Turai was one of her husband’s closest advisors during his tenure as the president. For example, Turai was believed to have influenced the choice of Professor Babatunde Osotimehin, the former director-general of the National Action on Committee on AIDS, as Nigeria’s Minister of Health in her husband’s administration. Many believed she was the one running the affairs of the country when her hubby was president.

When it got to public notice that her husband was sick, she insisted that nothing was wrong with him, until it was too late. And after the death of the president, she had planned that one of her sons-in-law would become the vice-president of the country.

Farida Waziri

She was the head of the of the much criticized anti-corruption  agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), after Nuhu Ribadu was removed midway through his term in 2007. Everybody dreaded the presence of this woman because she was seen as a no-nonsense person. Though she was confirmed by President Umaru Yar’Adua as chairman in may 2008, she refused to accept the position until she had also been confirmed by the Senate.

Waziri was removed from her position by President Goodluck Jonathan on 23rd November last year and replaced Ibrahim Lamorde. Her dismissal may have been related to accusations that the EFCC had been selective in its investigations or to her falling out with the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke over the prosecution of some cases. The way she was relieved of her job is still surprising to many.

Dora Akunyili

The former boss of NAFDAC, everybody felt her impact because she contributed greatly to the arrest and prosecution of fake drug and consumer product counterfeiters. Whenever her name was mentioned, parendt wished they could produce a female child like her. That was until she became the Minister for Information and Communication, and couldn’t stand up to her word again. With her Rebranding Nigeria project, so many things about her also changed.

She resigned her post as the Minister of Information and Communication to contest senatorial primaries in her state in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but when she was not given the opportunity, she decamped to All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). She lost to Dr. Chris Ngige but is still fighting tooth and nail in court to capture the seat.

Iyabo Ojo

Controversial light-skinned Nollywoon thespian, Iyabo Ojo is one of the most artificial babes in Nollywood. Busy bodies say from head to toe, she looks and smells artificial. A mother of two, she left her former husband after she came to Nollywood and gained popularity. It was believed that she left her hubby after worming her way into the heart of Nollywood movie producer cum actor, Murphy Ray who trained her.

She is rumoured to have dated Wasiu Alabi Pasuma among others and she is not in a haste to get married again; single motherhood is obviously working for her

Susan Harvey (Goldie)

Born and christened Susan Adebimpe Harvey but in love with the name Goldie, the musical talent signed on to the label of Kennis Music. This Ekiti-born singer holds a degree in Business Administration from a university in the United Kingdom. Goldie was alleged to have dated one of the best music producers and composers in Nigeria, OJB Jezrel, but a couple of months later nothing was heard about the relationship.

The Don’t Touch My Body crooner was allegedly accused of preferring the same sex when it comes to affairsbut busy bodies say she is bisexual. Recently it was revealed that two musical dudes in Nigeria popularly called Skuki were fighting over this weird musician.

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