March 31, 2023

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Prodigal HiTV Boss, Toyin Subair Plots To Join Politics

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The story of the biblical prodigal son is the one that children know by heart. It is the story of a son who collected his inheritance from his father while the man was alive to spend on frivolities and reckless living only to go back to his father to beg to be one of the slaves when he exhausted the wealth. In the story, the father had bathed him, clothed him and threw a party in his honour. This can be likened to the story of the wasteful boss of the collapsed satellite pay TV in Nigeria HiTV, Toyin Subair, whom sources revealed is fine-turning his return to Nigeria.

Some years back during his period of affluence, it was Toyin that the whole nation looked up to for liberation from the shackles of the South Africa-owned Multichoice whose DStv is indiscriminately ripping off Nigerians because of their love for the English Premier League, which before then was exclusively the right of the DStv. It was through Toyin Subair owned HiTV that the Nigerians were first given a breathing space, but to the disappointment of many Nigerians Toyin’s satellite pay TV could not stand the test of time due to recklessness of the chief executive officer, who sources claim, delved into things that were not necessary thereby pitching him against the financial institution that lent him money to run the business.

Recently there has been news that the CEO of the shut pay TV now sneaks into Nigeria once in a while, after his self-imposed exile which his friends claim became necessary after it became obvious he would not be able to pay his debts said to be in excess of N9billion. However sources revealed the young lawyer may have perfected his plot to re-enter the country through politics, as we gathered that the man may be seeking an elective position in Ekiti State come 2015.

It would be recollected that the when the going was good for him here in Nigeria, he spent recklessly on things that would add no value to his business, ignoring the reality that he had debts to service. Toyin Subair, we gathered, traveled round Nigeria and outside in chartered flights and would never sleep in any hotel that is not of at least a four-star status though his staffers were living like paupers compared to staffers of other satellite pay TV stations, including those that were not anywhere as rich or accepted as HiTV. He also had a fleet of cars in his rented Ikoyi apartment where he paid millions as rent annually. Among his cars while in Nigeria were a convertible Porsche Carrera 911 and other expensive cars. He lost the financial backing of the bank because he refused to service his loan and that of some Nigerians who had stood by him to make it possible for him to compete with South Africa-owned Dstv.

Before now there has been news that the lawyer-turned businessman had found his way into the life of oil magnate, Kola Aluko, who is the deputy chief executive officer of multi-billion naira investment, Seven Energy. Sources revealed that Aluko had taken it upon himself to help Subair out of his financial difficulties by giving him money and linking him with others who would help him. Kola who is a member of the advisory board of Vista Jet, a Swiss-based private jet charter company, we gathered, has been helping him in all quarters as things are gradually changing for good for the lawyer whose wife was forced to enter a reality show abroad to raise money for the upkeep of the family some time back, and a source claimed he has been spotted cruising the latest Porsche Carrera all around in London recently.

Though it was said that he will have to first prove himself a successful businessman, sources revealed his overall ambition is to make money through politics, the dream we were informed, is gradually gathering momentumS as some of his friends have started campaigning for him claiming that his failed Hitv was due to sabotage from his main rival the DSTV, forgetting that his wastefulness was responsible for the collapse of a company.

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