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IginlaBrother Joshua Iginla is the General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly. The Abuja-based prophet whose sensational predictions have begun to manifest have caused quite a stir in several quarters. In an interview recently, the clergy opened up on all his sensational prophecies, President Jonathan, Boko Haram, the secret of his success, and much more. Excerpts…

Two major national prophecies you gave and they have become quite sensational. Former Governor Nyako and the crashed air force helicopter in Bama, Borno State. What do you think happened despite your warning it came to pass?

Most times when people hear the prophets of God speaking to the world, they feel they are charlatans. Some people have a way of looking down on the prophetic word of God and I could remember before the helicopter crash and if you look at the fulfilled prophecy, it was more than three to four times that the prophetic words were echoed and warnings were given about how it could be averted. On our own side, we prayed about it and we also tried to pass messages to the relevant authorities and I felt a little bit unhappy because some of these prophecies that are negative can be averted if people can at least heed the voice of God. Some of the prophetic words in terms of the helicopter crash, I re-echoed and we prayed but the people concerned turned deaf ears to it. How would it not come to pass? It is part of the prayers I made that made that crash have survivors.


We have it on tape that during the vigil of December 31, 2013, you prophesied that in 2014, there would be an outbreak of a disease like Ebola virus, here we are, it has come to pass. What is God saying about it and what is the way out?

I remember when I said that, people went on Facebook to criticize me that what am I trying to say about a disease more dangerous than HIV? The prophetic words said, “Some people will have HIV and won’t be happy they have HIV and it is going to start from 2014 to 2020. It is going to claim millions of lives. “We have not actually seen the worst of Ebola virus. I see sometimes but I am afraid to say it so that people don’t think one is too negative but God revealed to us what is about to happen, so that we can warn His people so that they can get prepared for the danger that is ahead. This is not psychology. Nobody talked about Ebola virus many years ago and nobody was afraid of it. Why did it happen when God spoke about it? That is when you begin to understand there is nothing else but God. There is a link between the witchcraft coven and the marine world that lures people into hell and this is what we are seeing. I am not mincing words, but a lot of souls are going to die except we begin to understand that we need to turn to God. Prophetically, God showed me and I was afraid and I am sorry to say that, even men of God are going to be victims of this. He began to tell me that, “People who truly worship me will be revealed and those who do not truly worship me will be revealed” also. He told me that there would be something like a vaccine or hope that would come and it would be discovered by a group of scientists led by a white scientist with a bald head and this research will bring about 10 per cent hope not 100 per cent hope. At first, a noise would be heard saying, “There is hope” but the hope that they think is a cure is just a vaccine.


As a voice of God, for those who are scared about this, what is the way out?

The way out is to turn to God. There is something spiritual about the Ebola virus and the name Ebola is gotten from a river. Just as a group of scientists are putting their heads together, a group of men of God should assemble to pray for the world but I know it would be conquered. It would still become an issue, it would not be a stigma the way HIV is now. It would get to a time that people would live a normal life out of it.


Another issue is Boko Haram and it was reported that you said, this man causing havoc in the country would be captured by the Nigerian Army. Is that true and what is the way out for the government?

A lot of people have done a lot of write-ups about the capture of the Boko Haram leader. He would be captured by the Nigerian Army but He did not tell me if it would be by an ‘Order Rank’ or a ‘General’. But I know he would be captured like a ‘chicken’ because he’s somebody that is terrorizing the world. I saw him scampering to safety but was captured. The joy of it is that, Boko Haram issue should not be our fear. Our fear should be ‘what the politicians would bring to this nation after 2015 elections. Some of the things that would be happening, the credit would go to Boko Haram not knowing that another kind of human beings have been raised. So, the Federal Government should get prepared and the preparation should not just be for Boko Haram but for what 2015 elections would give birth to. There would be many diversionary statements about Boko Haram and it might just be 10 per cent out of the exploits of Boko Haram because they want to make them feel like super human beings without knowing that it is the creation of the politicians. That is why I want to appeal to the politicians of Nigeria that, Nigeria is bigger than a man’s ambition and no man should take this ambition beyond what they think. They should think about the unity of this nation and not their personal mission.


On May 4, you predicted the emergence of female suicide bombers and it has come to pass?

Yes. The prediction was not actually on May 4, it started last year and I repeated it on that day. I remember when God revealed to me, some people called and said do you know what you are saying and I said yes, because God showed me that this group of female suicide bombers would be more dangerous than their male counterparts and that the Chibok girls that were released should be de-programmed of what they have been brainwashed and this is very important because it would be amazing the kind of dangerous exploits these girls would do and the disaster might be more dangerous than what we have and this is just the beginning. It is just a warm up because when God was speaking and revealing to me that, “The dangerous league that has been really indoctrinated have not been released” because they want to use them to cause havoc to some of the government establishments. Nigerians should pray, especially the ‘big guys’. They should pray against being in a public gathering where somebody will run into that gathering with a bomb. I saw the vision and it was bad. We are talking about someone who is willing to die but detonates the bomb to make sure that some great politicians should not be killed just because someone has been programmed and prepared to run into them and finish it up.


We have it on record that on July 27, you also predicted that Cameroun should beware of Boko Haram and not long they attacked, did you, at any point get across to the Cameroonian government?

Yes, and I have some of the people who are in government to talk to them and break the news to them. Indeed, hard times are ahead for the Camerounians. If I were them, I would tighten up very well because the Boko Haram really wants to make a statement to the Camerounians and they need to sit up because their trails might be worse than that of Nigeria. We said it in the morning and it happened in the evening, that is to show that God’s word should not be taken for granted and I know and trust God that the Camerounian government would not do what most of our leaders are doing in Nigeria by giving deaf ears to prophetic words.


Nigerians are scared about the 2015 elections and you prophesied that Jonathan would win, what do you think the 2015 elections would give birth to?

I took my time to pray and talk to the Lord about 2015 because charity begins at home. If we continue to talk about the other nations, and we do not talk about our own, what is the evidence that God is talking to us? The 2015 elections is not all about winning, it is all about running an inclusive government that has to do with trying to pacify the opposition party because this is like a do or die affair, but the truth about the whole matter is that, Jonathan is going to win the whole elections and there is no doubt about it. It is not because Jonathan is the perfect man but I think the unity of Nigeria is most important. I thank God for the opposition party because they are going to do well but they are not the dream party that God will raise to take the ‘baton’ from PDP. Indeed, time would come that PDP would crumble but it has not come to the time. For now, the years ahead would still be held by the same person in power. Another thing God told me is that, no matter how credible 2015 elections is, Jonathan should be ready for accusations and battles.


One prophet in Nigeria that his prophecies have gone international and respected is Prophet T. B. Joshua and now, you have been reckoned with, with your precise predictions. What is the relationship between the two of you?

I can say that what God is doing in the life of Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua, I really thank God for it. We have a good relationship and I don’t have any reason to doubt what God is doing in his life and in my ministry. It’s enough for me to understand why what is happening is happening. I can say categorically that we are friends.


You once said, some pastors who go there secretly are criticizing or denying openly. Does it mean that despite all the controversies, you are bold enough to associate with him openly?

Why would I not be bold enough to associate with Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua. I have been saying it everywhere. I do not see any reason why I should disassociate myself from what I know is real and God has revealed to me. At this level of my life in the ministry, at this age, and my level in the ministry, I should be able to know what is good or bad and I can say it over and over that T. B. Joshua is real. He is of God, I have no reason to doubt him and I am very proud to associate with him anywhere, anytime and I know it has created many enemies for me because of the statement I made. I don’t care having more enemies because I have gotten to this height without any person contributing except God. God has so much designed my life that the woman that converted me, I do not know her or don’t know if she is alive but look at me today. I am a convert of an elderly woman and for God to have taken me to where I am today, I discovered the truth in ministry the hard way and I’m happy God allowed me to go through what I have gone through. To me, the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua is an inspiration for anybody to learn and thank God. He is a gift to Nigeria, Africa and the world and we should thank God for him.


We discovered that, as early as 4 a.m. worshippers troop into this ministry and even to overflow. What is the secret of this massive explosion?

Nothing else than God and sometimes, it is so funny when you look at where people park their cars and trek down to be part of the service. They line up at 4.30 to follow all the rigorous procedures. I would always say that where the carcasses are, there the eagles gather because God is actually doing wonders and we should give God praise for it. Some pastors are looking for members while others are even tired of the ones they have.


We learnt that due to this expansion in May, you decided to get another site that would accommodate this explosion and by November, the church anniversary would be done and most of your pastors are scared of the possibility because it is so capital intensive?

I remember God made me to declare the prophetic word last year November that we would have our eighth anniversary on our permanent land and when it got to April, we had not gotten a land and many people began to call but God did His wonders and a land came and what we are about to build is something out of this world, something that has not been seen in Nigeria. The church will have an escalator, it is going to be a masterpiece. Some people are already thinking whether it is a federal government project because of the proposed plan to build a 5-star hotel there, a wonderful restaurant and other establishments, schools, university and more.


How long will it take you to complete the permanent site and how will the funds come?

We are not under pressure to complete the new site. What we are praying for is time, not money. In fact, we have bought a generator to make sure that work goes on day and night just to meet up with the target.


Champions TV, what gave birth to that vision?

So many people do things because of imitation but the vision of Champions TV was given to me since 1995. God spoke to me that I would lead a big ministry that would go round and affect the world but I did not know it would come in this fashion. What actually gave birth to Champions Television was when God told me, “It is now time to take the message to the world and to make the world know that I can raise anybody to become somebody.”

Champions Television is for the end time, making them know about His second coming and making people see the power of God like never before. I have always said that Brother Joshua Iginla is not a photocopy of anybody in the ministry. I am simply designed the way I’m designed to operate the way I am designed. So, when you look at the peculiarity of our ministry, we might have a similarity with other ministries but when you look at it, you will know there are substances that distinguish us to make people know that this is not artificial, but what God has designed me to be.


You surprised everybody few months back when you celebrated your birthday by dashing out eight exotic cars to Nollywood star and others, what informed that?

I have always said, I would only drive one car at time, one house at a time and one bedroom at a time. My background informed that because I never thought I would be what I am today and what God has made me to see and touch in the ministry is by His grace and nothing else. It has also been my vision when I trekked from Sango Ota to Ajilete bare footed. I remember that day when I waved cars to pick me and I was depressed in tears saying, Iru aye wo ni mo wa. While I was weeping on the way, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, I will give you cars that you would not be able to count and I made a vow to God that if you bless me with this kind of cars, I will give them back to you in hundred folds. I will help the masses and they will eat. The Lord also said, keep counting the cars that pass until I lose count and I told myself this is a ‘mental case’. How can I be counting cars? The Holy Spirit laughed and said to me, ‘You will lose count of the cars that I would give you. And I can tell that is what is happening to me.


The ministry is noted for effective messages, predictions, hospitality, deliverance and healing, would you like to say these are the things that distinguish your church from others?

Yes, because the purpose of this ministry which is the mandate of deliverance that God has given to us. I thank God for my other brethren who kicked against the deliverance ministry. It is so pathetic because it is a myopic understanding of the deliverance ministry. I might not be doing deliverance but I will not kick against what I’m not called to do. God has healed people with all manners of illness with proofs and the Word which is my focus, and our ministry is Word based. My ministry is not built on prophecy, deliverance or healing but it is actually built on the word of God that is why we are standing the test of time. I know even when He calls us to glory, this ministry will continue to grow from strength to strength because God has given me men that are stronger and dependable. Like I always say, I cannot expose my babies to giants because they are under training and very soon, so many Brother Joshuas would rise.


The ministry would be eight in November, what should we be expecting, Sir?

Eight is a number of new beginning, the world has not seen anything yet and I know by the time Champions complete eight years, we are moving to a new dimension and the world would see our passion to win more souls. Our vision is to take the gospel to the rural areas. We are really strategizing to bless more lives and I do not see what I am doing now as giving until I get to a path whereby in my lifetime I see people’s dreams being interpreted out of the resources God has placed in my hands.


Thank you Sir for your time.

Thanks you and God bless.

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