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That the All Progressives Congress (APC) has taken over the leadership of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is stale news for now. The party, whose slogan ‘Change’ indeed reflected in the recently concluded election, defeated the Peoples Democratic Party that had been ruling the country since the inception of the present democracy in 1999. The March 28, 2015 presidential poll showed how Nigerians can unanimously vote for a candidate of their choice, hence, the victory of ex-military president, General Muhammadu Buhari.
However, what is currently sending jitters down the spine of some politicians is the fact that the no-nonsense army general is alleged to be on the hunt for corrupt politicians most especially those who have been sharing the national cake for years and with a stern warning to those coming on board to steer clear of corruption. It is noteworthy that some politicians usually develop the habit of defecting to a victorious party whenever their own party loses an election. This dubious act must have forced General Buhari to warn such people that they must return their ill-gotten loots or risk going to jail.
It could be recalled that prior to the election, the president-elect threatened to jail corrupt politicians if elected and immediately after uttering this statement, the outgoing president’s wife, Patience Jonathan raised an alarm that Buhari was planning to jail her family if he emerged as the president. Moreover, it is also of note that many corrupt cases were recorded during the tenure of the defeated President Jonathan and of course, General Buhari would not want those involved to go scot free.
It is also on record that when General Mohammadu Buhari was the military president of Nigeria, corruption cases were minimized as the Daura-born general detested such act and now that he has emerged as the president-elect of Nigeria, he will perhaps return the country to a corrupt-free state.

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