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That there is a rift in the E. M. E. empire of one of the sexiest eligible bachelors in the entertainment world, Bankole Wellington, popularly Banky W, is no longer a story. There seems to exist a misunderstanding between the organisation and Ayo Balogun, popularly known as wizkid. Insiders alleged that this controversy has been brewing for a while now at the E. M. E. Whiz kid had once threatened he was leaving the record label when the issue first generated but Banky W regarded it as a pinch of salt.

Though the PEPSI deal has come and gone, the taste it left in Wizkid’s mouth still lingers. This is definitely what led to the breakup of Banky W and Wizkid, an insider squealed. The contract unbolted Wizkid’s eyes to so many things he never once considered as imperative. Information at our disposal reveals that Wizkid got 25 per cent share of the whole deal while the remaining 75 per cent went to EME where “Strong Thing” crooner acts as the proprietor. Though little dealings episode has occurred between the two of them, the PEPSI deal actually triggered what Wizzy has been bottling up in him. A source revealed that though both came together and performed at one of the events which took place in October 2012, they walked separately.

The split came up as a result of differences in the proceeds made by the “Holla At Your Boy” crooner. This has been an issue of concern to the lad for a while but there was nothing he could do about it until he decided tackling the bull by the horns. He asked Banky for a raise (a change in contract) and it didn’t sound well to him; that was the genesis of the issue. Gathered from a reliable source that Wizkid regrets the agreement he made when he was about climbing the ladder of success in the entertainment industry. He took so many things for granted because he was seeking for fame and because of his age.

That Ayo Balogun, as Wizkid is referred to, is the backbone of EME is no longer news. A bird squealed that all attention is diverted to him alone that another musician in the EME empire has been spitting fire ever since he noticed the one-sided attention.

“Baba, all attention is on Wizkid, I do all my music promotions and every other thing on my own, the record deal is just a cover, there is nothing I could do about it now,” the label mate lamented. He was almost on the brink of tears when narrating his ordeal to some people. Information also revealed all attention will be shifted on him now since he is “the next hot thing” in the E.M.E.

Recalled a couple of months ago, Global News reported the brewing heat between this erstwhile partners. Detailed in the publication was the financial dealing which didn’t go down well with the two parties, and that if nothing was done to avert the situation it could lead to the breakup between them. Different reactions have trailed the story, diverse schools of thought have different opinion about the story, some are of the opinion that it will be the end of Wizkid’s career or that Banky W can never see another big fish such as Wizkid again.

Gathered Wizkid’s mum had wadded in the matter but the kid is hell-bent on leaving the record label, just as other people try settling the rift between them, yet it seems the issue has gone out of hand.

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