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The wife of former Big Brother Naija housemate Kess, has responded to his claims that she stole N1.5 million from his bank.

Recall that Kess wife had earlier accused him of infidelity and, he countered by alleging that she stole N1.5 million from him, and demanded that she repay him.

However, in response to his demands, his wife posted a challenge on her Instagram page on Sunday, daring him to pay back the money she spent on his upkeep, in exchange for which she would give him the N1.5 million he claimed she stole.

She wrote: “Words are just words huh?! So fake of you to say this to me. When you have other agendas. You dey vexed cos you got caught? Now the world knows who you truly are. You clout over 1.5 million that you say I stole. I make that in 3 days. Also, what about the 3 years of marriage that you faked with me and I was the job for visa and money.

“I accounted everything I spent/gave/provided on your ass estimated at $45000 – pay that back and I’ll think about the 1.5 million you’re stressing about so you can continue living at Fairview Estate with your roommate of a whore. They say do not burn the bridge ooo, work it out.

“F that!!! I threw a grenade and launch war because I am sick and tired of your lies!!! You have the audacity to make me to be the bad person when I’ve been there with you since day 1 and believed your lies.

“You called me crazy!!! Behind every crazy lady is an A*hole of a husband who mistreated, mentally abuse and destroyed her. I’ve asked you several times look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Monster that’s what you are. I can share more but I’ll save that for another day.”

Credit/ Instagram/ angel_baby_dee

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