October 1, 2023

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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s New University In Employment Scandal!

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matthew ashimolowoPastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s name surely rings a bell. The afro-wearing pastor has taken his kind gesture to his home town, Ode-Omu in Osun State where he recently opened the Kings University, situated along Ode Omu-Gbongan Road, joining the league of pastors whose churches own universities. This may be exciting after all, but the main gist for now is the controversy trailing the newly founded university.

According to our sources, the university authority usually asks for monetary grant before employment into the services of the school and this does not go down well with applicants who have expressed their interest in working with the institution. For now, the school has only been able to appoint few staffers but awaiting the resumption of students into campus. However, the kinsmen of Ashimolowo have kicked against the school’s style saying that the ebullient pastor should have considered their children for employment before others. We also gathered that the Olu of Ode-Omu is also not happy about this development. But, one other gist about this spirit-filled pastor is that his name is not actually Ashimolowo. My tatafo informed me that due to his poor background, he was surprised that he could ever make it in life, hence the name “Ase Mo le Lowo” (Meaning, “so I can be rich”) which was later transformed to Ashimolowo. Anyway, Pastor over to you to debunk this claim.

6 thoughts on “Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo’s New University In Employment Scandal!

  1. I congratulate the good people of Odeomu and Nigeria for God’s gift of Kings University. I wish the university success in implementing it programme of sound and relevant education for the benefit of present and future students.

  2. Pastor Mathew has travelled a lot and he is still travelling, In his travelling, he sees a lot of things that make or unmake those countries to be what they are today. Pastor Mathew doesn’t just see, he sees, and learn from what he sees. That is why his move for starting Kings University Nigeria is not strange to someone and many others like me. If you were born in Nigeria like myself and many others and lived in Nigeria up to at least the age of twenty year or more before you travelled and while you are out of the country you are keeping in touch – “You didn’t burn the bridge”. You will clearly see why Nigeria is included among the Third world Countries of the World. But let me tell you, Nigeria is not only Giant of Africa, Nigeria is qualified to be among the G20 countries of the world with what She has. I know what ‘am talking about and Pastor Mathew knows as well, that is why he says though, Nigeria missed in the past in the area of Technology, but as from now, now, now, NIGERIA MISSES IT, NO MORE ! Pastor Mathew’s vision for starting Kings University Nigeria is part of the move to restoring the lost Honesty, Integrity and Economic stability in Nigeria. Pastor Mathew that I know, will base all this institution’s activities on the foundation of Truth ,Honesty and Integrity. Kings University Nigeria will be run on an educational merit basis, as that of her counterpart respected universities all over the world. I believe Days of raw, raw that led Nigeria to where she is today has reached it’s tail end. Now is the period for “Refining the raw gold inside the people of Nigeria”. WHAT MAKE ANY NATION ARE THE PEOPLE OF THAT NATION. Not the map nor the geographical location. What makes individual person, is that “THING” inside that person, Pastor, let me borrow one of your saying, BALOON DOESN’T FLOW BECAUSE OF IT’S COLOUR, BALOON FLOWS BECAUSE OF WHAT IS INSIDE IT . . . . . . . . My congratulations go to Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo and his Associates in this regard and our nation Nigeria. God bless You.

  3. Congratulations, May the blessing of God continue to flow over the Founder and the School.
    The authority of the school should investigate this allegation and relay the foundation.
    Greater heights.

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