March 30, 2023

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Pastor Ighodalo’s 2nd Marriage to Ex-Beauty Queen Ibidun Allegedly In Troubled Waters

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Pastor-Ituah-IghodaloIt is commonly said that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” but sometimes residents of exotic glass houses get carried away and hurl stones at outsiders. When this occurrence takes place, retaliation is also detrimental. A few days ago, flambouyant man of God, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo made a shocking public statement that even though he is a known clergy, most women still made passes at him, in other words, women found him very desirable sexually and crave to sleep with him. To a lot of onlookers and gullible readers, this might sound shocking but to those who really know the Ighodalos very well, this latest stunt by the man of God is his usual repertoire. For the benefit of those who are not in the know, let us give you a thorough lowdown of this very controversial man of God. Pastor Itah Ighodalo was the resident pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Church, Gbagada, Lagos, who was known for his eloquence and stylish mannerisms. He became a hot topic when he was sacked by the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye for divorcing his wife of many years Lucy- Ann Suinner and marrying former Miss Lux, Ibidun Ajayi, now Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo.

After his sack from RCCG, he moved to the Island and established his own church called Trinity House which started operating from a tent but as at today, he has bought a multi-million dollar facility in Oniru Estate, Victoria Island. On the Island, Pastor Ighodalo became an instant hit with the hip, happening crowd and the upwardly mobile men and women mainly due to his style of preaching. Having said all these, it is still not the gist we have for now, we can authoritatively tell you that Pastor Ituah Ighodalo’s claim of being lured into sexual activities by women despite his obvious pastorial call has set off a chain of toxic reactions from prominent Lagos women. Few days ago, at the residence of one of the super stunning society ladies in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi where this rich lady had thrown a party for her sister in-law, Pastor and Mrs. Ituah Ighodalo were the sole topic of discussion. It is imperative to note that these set of super rich Islanders have all at one time or the other employed the exclusive services of Elizabeth R, a high profile events management company owned by Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo, which has planned so many classical event for the big and mighties in Nigeria. They are also like big sisters to her and so spoke anonymously on this issue.

According to these crop of renowned society matriarchs, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo was only trying to save his face by saying that he is been sought after for sex. They claim that while Pastor Ituah was married to his first wife, Lucy Ann Suinner, Ann was so desperate to have a child for him and it became the focal point of her prayer request. But for all the years they spent together, that wish remained an elusive dream as she could not give him a child. But after this lady left Pastor Ituah, she re-married and now has children for her new husband. This scenario did set a couple of insiders talking about whether it was Pastor Ituah’s own problems for not being able to father a child. So, when he got married to Ibidun in 2007, a lot of people started watching intensely to see how things will play out.

Due to the fact that the Ighodalos are high profile couple, their marital life is therefore in full public glare. Unlike most renowned pastors with proven anointing, Pastor Ighodalo has close relationship with certain men of power and money, a lot of aspersion has been cast on the personality of this man of God. Infact, one of his favourite multi-billionaire friends whose sexual life is as clear as the colour of sachet water played a very vital role recently when Pastor Ituah Ighodalo buried his father. While the bloggers are having a field day debating whether Pastor Ituah has been ‘converted’ or not, the crème de la crème of the Island social establishment are saying that Ibidun his wife is suffering in silence. They said she has been running from pillar to post, praying to God to bless her womb with a child because she might have thought that her inability to conceive is due to her. But after series of tests in various hospitals and visiting notable specialists, she is alleged to have discovered that she is very okay.

They said that this situation is really affecting their happiness but that the couple has no choice but to keep a happy posture for both their love lives and their church, Trinity House as a monumental scandal is the last thing they need now. But a super gorgeous ex-Senator whose diamond collection is unrivalled insist that the wife should act wisely and look for a male donor from outside. According to her, a lot of couples do it these days and keep that secret for life between them. Here in Global News, we advise the couple to look onto God and not accept man’s advice. In the words of Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, “God has the final say and not man over your destiny”. Chikena.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Ighodalo’s 2nd Marriage to Ex-Beauty Queen Ibidun Allegedly In Troubled Waters

  1. you are such a liar nd senseless monster… even if the lord slap u with wisdom you would still be stupid… pastor Ituah is a great man so if u have nothing to post shut up, come to Trinity house ND praise God nd stop being a nuisance…

  2. The truth is you need to know the man you wrote about. You don’t know him one bit. He is one in a million. He is honest, transparent and very compassionate. He is a Christian through and through. Most of what you have written are half truths made to look sensational and therefore cast aspersion on his character.
    I am certain that you have caused so much pain to him and his wife. I know that for certain in his characteristic nature he will choose to ignore this write up, but I WILL ADVISE YOU TO APOLOGISE. He is a man of God and this is not a palatable piece, one bit.
    God bless you.

  3. you had better ask the almighty for forgiveness. you dont even know him so why cook up lies? He is a wonderful pastor that also touches lives all over may God forgive you.i really have nothing to say to idiots like you.I know him very well and he is the best cousin in the world.

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