October 1, 2023

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Pastor Bakare, Afe Babalola, Gusau, Nwobodo, Odili And Others To Benefit N12m Each From National Conference Bonanza! + Break down on how they would be paid

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pastor tundeThe hottest gist in the political arena in Nigeria currently shaking the atmosphere like a colossus is the much awaited National Conference, or call it CONFAB. Many Nigerians are in the dark as to the reason for this get-together by some group of people who are expected to determine the future of the country. In his bid to achieve the national conference, President Goodluck Jonathan has released a total number of 492 names that will sit at the CONFAB and back it up with N70 billion to be shared among the.

Though the said national conference may have some positive deals for Nigerians, investigation conducted by our reporter revealed that each delegate for the meeting is entitled to the sum of N125,000 for a day, summing up to a total of N4 million in a month. This means that each will cart away a whopping N12 million in just three months from the national treasury. The total amount Jonathan is probably going to cough out for this get-together will be N7 billion in just 90 days and if administrative costs and other protocols should be added, then poor Nigerians should be expecting to contribute another N10 billion into the accounts of these rich people who already have fat personal bank accounts both in Nigeria and overseas.

Top on the list of those to sit at the Nollywood-like National Conference are Chief Olu Falae, Chief Jim Nwobodo, Dr. Peter Odili, Chief Afe Babalola, Alhaji Aliyu Gusau, Chief Edwin Clarke and many other senior citizens of Nigeria who have had their own share of the national cakes while serving in one position or the other.

However, one name that picks the interest of Nigerians is that of the general overseer and senior pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare whom many people perceive as the most sought-after enemy of the president on the list. The pastor has led so many battles against the Presidency and Nigerians will not forget him during the oil subsidy brawl. It is a sure fact, however, that in the next three months, Pastor Tunde Bakare will be smiling to the bank with the sum of N12 million!

What baffles Nigerians is the usefulness of the reports which are expected to be submitted by the delegates after the whole dramatic scenario. The question on the lips of many people is: will the Federal Government work on the report? And if not, how would Jonathan account for the huge amount of money he is spending on a conference whose probability of having impactful results is zero? Nigerians will not forget in a hurry the Oputa panel set up then to settle the crisis between the just and the unjust in the nation’s polity and which was seemingly more credible and visible than the planned CONFAB and the amount of money sank with no meaningful result to show for it. For now, the president should have a thorough rethink on this planned conference due to the poor condition of the country’s masses who are threatened, almost on daily basis by the ugly menace of Boko Haram, armed robbery, kidnapping and other anti-societal vices.

However in a last minute change, erudite lawyer Dr Afe Babalola rejected his nomination on what her termed as personal and the Federal Government has since replaced him with Dr. Kunle Olajide on the recommendations of Dr Afe Babalola who will benefit from the bonanza.

Also gathered that,Dr. Olajide played an active role in the drafting of what would be the Yoruba agenda at the national confab. His name was supposed to be on the list and it was agreed that he should be allowed to participate because he did very well throughout the time we were meeting.

“A man who did very well like that deserved to be there. So, Afe (Babalola) decided to give him his slot.”

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