September 28, 2023

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AdeboyeRecently, news has been agog that the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is giving his full weight in the support of one of his pastors, Professor Yemi Osibajo who is the running mate of APC presidential candidate, General Mohammed Buhari. This issue really generated a lot of heated debates in the Nigerian political atmosphere. While some sections of the society are saying that Pastor Adeboye anointed Pastor Yemi Osibajo in collaboration with the APC national leader, Bola Tinubu, some other sections are of the view that the Osun-born pastor is ignorant of this move.
The highly revered pastor is said not to have held any meeting with the former governor of Lagos State as far as the presidential elections or nominating any candidate for the party, let alone giving such a candidate his full backup is concerned. However, political watchers believe that the relationship between Pastor Adeboye and President Goodluck Jonathan still remains cordial and that Daddy G. O. will not want his friendship with the president to be affected by political gladiators who are just out there to achieve their dastardly aims. It could be recalled that President Jonathan had visited the campground of the RCCG on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on several occasions to receive spiritual blessings for the smooth running of his administration. However, in a statement released by the RCCG hierarchy recently, the church said the G. O. and in fact all members of the church cannot be forced to support the APC because of Osibajo. Revealing further, the statement had it that members of the church hail from different family backgrounds, regions and their political ideologies differ. In the light of this, being a member of RCCG does not qualify anyone to vote for a member of the church. Ideally speaking, the RCCG possesses the largest church congregation in the country and going by this calculation, if 90 per cent of members could troop out to vote enmasse for their ‘brother’, then the APC would surely be in a smooth ride during and after the election. Some people believe that with the huge population in the church and their huge respect for Daddy G. O. who is a father figure to the vice-presidential contestant, then the APC might win the election, but with this statement from the church, then the APC should keep on tightening its belts because the PDP, being the incumbent party will also have some substantial amount of members of the RCCG as their members and supporters.Read more in Global News Magazine

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