December 8, 2022

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Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo Turn Siblings To Church Guards

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That Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and his counterpart Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith World Outreach, popularly known as Winners Chapel are both respected clergymen in the country is not in contention, but most people do not know what these two highly respected men of God who have burgeoning business empires to boot have in common is that their respective brothers are occupying key positions in their brothers’ vast empires.

Retired Major General Akinsola Adeboye is a name that will probably not ring a bell, but he is the younger brother of Pastor Adeboye. A very reliable source who does not want his name in print averred that the retired major general is the chief security officer (CSO) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God-owned camp, popularly called Redemption Camp. It is said that the security of the whole Redemption Camp that is host to Redeemer’s University of Nigeria (RUN) and a host of other businesses rests on his shoulder. It is also averred that the retired general who has served across the length and breadth of the country met and married his wife, a Hausa-Fulani woman in Sokoto while serving there. Retired General Adeboye who has a house at 13 Akintonde Street, off AIT Road, Alagbado, a suburb of Lagos, was said to have hit rough patches after retirement, and to keep body and soul together he took up a job as a security officer in a popular filling station in Lagos. Miffed by the condition of his younger brother, the more popular brother like a knight in shining armour came to the rescue of his younger brother by offering him a job as the CSO at the Redemption Camp, due to his training as a military personnel. It is reported that he is very diligent at his job and he is now enjoying the fruit of his labour as he now owns a posh house in one of the choicest areas of Lagos.

In a similar dimension, his counterpart at the Living Faith World Outreach, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has also made his younger brother, a certain Gideon as the CSO of Canaanland. Canaanland, home to the church’s other business empire like the Covenant University and Faith Academy, is a vast and mammoth area that needs serious security. The younger brother, according to sources who crave anonymity is solely responsible for the security of the educational arm of his more illustrious brother.

11 thoughts on “Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo Turn Siblings To Church Guards

  1. What is wrong with making one’s brother a CSO? Afterall, you people are the one to criticize these men of God if their brothers are suffering and were not helped. You will say how can somebody that cannot help his bother help another Nigerian.

  2. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will view the appointments referred to in this news report through the lens of nepotism. There is absolutely nothing problematic with the appointment of a retired Major General as CSO,a position he is eminently qualified to land, even if he was not related to the Church head.

  3. I have a simple advice, though unsolicited, for you. For your sakes and that of generations unborn in your genealogy quit writing sensational banners concerning men of God who are known, even to you, as genuine and heaven-focused.

  4. Your article said he retired as a Major General, and was said to have hit rough patches after retirement. That shows the man was not part of those military men that embezzled all our money for their own selfish benefits.

    Instead, he worked hard, retired, and now his pension money was embezzled by all those military juntas.

    I am glad he is using his experience to protect God’s house.

  5. that is divine arrangement, what he couldn’t do even during his service years he can now do. Possibly he was going thru Nigerian Army to be useful in the vineyard of God

  6. The root of Terrorism in Nigeria and Anti-Christ,
    Elisha cried out while he faced the river of Terrorist, where is the God of Elijah my father, my father.
    mountain of fire, redeemed christian church of God, foursquare Gospel Church and Assemblies of God Nigeria,
    we can stop the water of terrorists affliction that afflict Nigeria,
    Gabriel Aduma Emmanuel,
    Dr D.K Olukoya’s picture

  7. I’m worried you might be used by the devil so dangerously to spoil the work of christ which is in his Servants (adeboye and Oyedepo ) trying to post your none senses that never destroy the power of God in them.

    Let me tell you , my mouth may not be powerful enough to challenge you , but the God of my fathers Abrahim , Isaack ,Jacob , Adeboye ,Keneth , Oyedepo , Thee the God of Vengence , will judge you

  8. I see nothing bad in making a retire military officer a security head being a brother or not, except where there was somebody qualified for that position but was cheated out of it, that is where l would have posted fault. And too, it is very bad for one to use curse words on somebody because a man of God is involved. How much did they insulted Jesus, even they went ahead and killed Him, yet He prayed for their wellbeing, He even urged His follows to pray for their enemies and admonished His servants to turn the other side of the cheek for more slaps. This, don’t talk to a man of God anyhow syndrome is satanic and not proscribed by heaven. Is man greater than Jesus? People will always say what they want to say and God will always do what He wants to do. Statement like that attest to the fact that man is given undue reverence over God Almighty. Men can always give out position to whoever they want, but can never give eternity to whoever they like. Thanks.

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