September 21, 2023

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Oyo Governor Ajimobi Wasted Over N6 Billion On Communications Research Centre To Mark 100 Days In Office

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It is a general belief in the South-Western part of the country that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was running the affairs of the states that fell to their party after the 2003 elections in a wasteful manner. This belief was responsible for the way the people voted the PDP out in the last elections, which paved the way for the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to take the states.

Months into the reign of the ACN in these states, however, many of the elected governors are showing that they cannot all work the magic of theirLagoscounterpart, Babatunde Fashola.

Among the non-working ACN Governors is that ofOyoState, Abiola Ajimobi. The governor who we gathered at a time confessed to not knowing anything about governance, is more interested in replenishing the huge amount he spent in prosecuting the last election.

 Just to mark his 100 days in Office the Governor, we learnt, has been pumping the state’s money into renovating and equipping the building called the Communication Research Centre and so far, he has pumped billions of Naira into it, more than half of which we learnt will be ending in the personal account of the governor.

 The story is that the building in question happens to be one a former governor and chieftain of the ACN in the state, Alhaji Lam Adeshina started while he was the governor of the state but was abandoned by other governors that ruled the state.

Ajimobi is alleged to have spent over N6 billion on the project, which he hopes to unveil as one of the projects during his first 100 days in office later in the year. And the money he said was for construction of the Research House, as they call it, and to get some equipment may increase as the Governor iss also accused of not stating the exact budget he set aside for the project.

In another development, the activities of the Governor are gradually but inexorably pitching him against the elite inOyoState, as he is said to be fond of cancelling any project put in place by the immediate past governor of the state, Adebayo Alao-Akala.

Akala was said to have bought the idea ofLagosStatecreating the Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA) to control traffic and sent over 250 graduates from the state on courses to understand managing all sort of traffic problems. But months after Akala left office, the 250 that were trained and had started working, were sacked by Ajimobi, only for him to later employ a new set, with their salary allegedly pegged at N10,000 per month. The salary is the reason people are at the moment not happy with him.

 This is just a tip of the iceberg and in just 100 days the Governor is laying an unpalatable foundation of wasting the state’s cash on irrational projects. Only God knows how much he will set aside for celebrations marking his first year in office. of trying to milk the state dry.

9 thoughts on “Oyo Governor Ajimobi Wasted Over N6 Billion On Communications Research Centre To Mark 100 Days In Office

  1. The story is baseless! It is only aimed at painting the government black to the general public out there……i wonder where you get such stories from?

  2. If the publication is false then the GOvernor should bring an action against the newspaper house for libel. But I believe journalists should be more involve din investigative journalism rather than sensational journalism. We habe passed the era of sensational journalism.

    Furthermore, the press should be more focussed and redirect their invetsiagtion towards the positive side of events rather than negative all the time. They should not hesitate to balance views and reports any positive developments from the state. The country needs the fourth estate of the realm to be more procactive in their investigation rather than being political and biased. They have to be neutral to be able to effectively manage the news and reports without being baised.

  3. This is a story sponsored by Akalamagbo (Mr Soyoyo) Body bleacher and his ‘never-do-good’ Dotun Oyelade.
    Poverty development party are still in shock that they lost the state despite the fact that Mr Soyoyo (Akala) spent fortune to regain the seat of power.
    I have one advise for old fool called Akinjide and his body bleaching adopted son (Akala) plus their slave Dotun Oyelade; your types will never rule Oyo state again. Ajimobi is in a class miles apart from police drop-out (Akala) and ran-away politician (Akinjide).
    Akalamagbo need to be wise with his looted fund and stop all these campaign of calumny and mudslinging cause..EFCC are coming to get you! you need to have some cash so that a plead bargain can save you from long term in prison. A word is enough for a wise.

  4. Mr. Olanrewaju, since you have names for everyone, we should find a befitting name for you too on this forum. Lets keep the comments objectives without resorting to name distortion. Who is Akalamogbo, Soyoyo, run-away politian etc.

  5. Ajumobi has not shown any sign that he has anything to offer OYO people. His government is tending to be the greatest mistake OYO people have made in leadership.
    So sad!

  6. @ Akinjide
    I hope you’re not trying to defend your uncle or better-still your father! To set the record straight for you, my comment on the issue was on point and more objective than you can ever-imagine. I am a son of the soil (Born native of Ibadan land. I am well aware of all the atrocities Akala and his poor goons committed in Oyo state. Oyo state was renown for scholars and people with integrity when it comes to administration and setting pace for other states.
    It’s a fact that Akala bleach his skin, Also a fact that Akinjide ran away to evade justice in the 80s (So am objective).
    No word is accurate enough to describe how Akala single -handedly destroy the state! The simple fact is he is more in power and he need to dismiss dotun Oyelade from defending a dead government against a living one (Ajimobi) so that he can concentrate on his retirement. To make matter worst, Akinjide of all people at 80 plus is still feeding fat in partisan politic! At a time he is suppose to be a discipline&well respect elder for all in Ibadan land , Oyo state and Nigeria in general.
    All these are signs of desperation from people that can never survive without public money. To round up;PDP in Oyo is more desperate and they are behind this article. Bunch of garbage politicians.

    1. @ Olanrewaju. I would not be in haste to sing praises of any politician, unless if I have an inordinate ambition of benefiting form such politician.

      I would rather wait and see what any Mr Governor does after one year in office.

  7. @ olanrewaju. You are right about what you said. Oyo state was renown for scholars and people with integrity when it comes to administration and setting pace for other states. But since a long time with the help of the people you mention Oyo state is no more the same. the taut and criminal are the rulers . people without any ideas. They are like cancer. They will destroy anywhere they are. that is what happen in Oyo state . Mr Akinjide is one of them. I think he is still young and he never knows how Oyo state use to be. I school and grow up in Ibadan but am not a native. but ibadan is my home and am proud of Ibadan, but since a long time Oyo state is no more the same. Ibadan have the first Uni in Africa and lot of Educated son of the soil. How come it is only the garage tout that rule Ibadan and oyo state. Yoruba use to say , Agba ki wa loja ki ori Omo tuntun wo. only if the elders knows the right thing. But all these Elders are the one that has been bending the head of the child since 1979. Ti omo ko ba ba itan a ba aroba. Mr Akinjide have to ask people for the history of oyo state and how Ibadan use to be. The same ibadan is the place where i use to buy comics in leventis and lunch in kingsway. The same comics that the people are reading in london on that day i will get it in leventis the same day. Mr akinjide have to go to Old Gbagi and look how it looks and Agbeni the center of Ibadan and tell me what his people and his mentors did in Ibadan. They know only how to spoil they can not build. And what you dont know you can not do. They are Akukubi sanse radarada. Ile to dun Omo ale ibe ko ti dagba ni. The damages of the past 20yrs will take a long time to repair

  8. To hell wit any govnr on post even if u call urself d son of d soil or wat eva….Politic….Game of Deadth. Nigrn politicialz I fair dem pazz …DRAGON..

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