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Aregbesola-1It’s no longer news that the governor of Osun and self-acclaimed Omoluwabi, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola can no longer fulfill his responsibilities again to the good people of Osun especially the civil servants who are yet to collect their salaries for the past eight months.
What is baffling every sensible person is why and what led to the financial problems in the state which used to be the pride of all other states, but the reason is other than that the governor engaged and compared himself to the other governors whose state are more buoyant in terms of allocations and internal revenue hence his journey to recklessness and squandering of the state resources.image

To show that his financial recklessness will be among the best among governors who cares less about their subjects, Aregbesola embarked on a fools dance by awarding a N3 billion fake contract to supply “Opon Imo” to his twenty-something-year-old son Kabiru who engaged in intellectual theft to rob the owner of the idea of the project and reap from his sweat. In fact this is a story for another day. imageWhen the multibillion naira “Opon Imo” finally surfaced it was a paltry 1,500 that was alleged to be distributed in the whole of Osun State and as times went on they were nowhere to be found.image

His recklessness did not stop in the “Opon Imo” scam. To compete with Lagos and other states, Ogbeni of fraud allegedly bought helicopter for almost $1 million when even some buoyant states do not have for a fake security surveillance without doing proper feasibility of how the helicopter will be useful but transaction is just a ruse to satisfy his yearning to own helicopter for his transportation and that of his family as he later turned the helicopter to his private use and not for the security surveillance that he claimed to have bought it for.

Not done, to show his penchant for frivolities and vanity Raufu is also alleged to have spent N100 million to erect a statue in Ife. This act got many people angry as to why a man who calls himself a progressive politician would engage in an act that amounts to waste of scarce public resources while the proposed cargo airport has also gulped a whopping N1 billion with nothing to show for it.image
His road construction is one of the costliest in the country because under his watch to construct a kilometre of road goes for staggering N 1.2 billion. He is said to demolish schools that only need refurbishment all in the name of building models schools and he built some at the rate of N800 million each while many school pupils can’t boast of benches and tables in their classrooms but in actual sense the model schools are not supposed to gulp more than N200 million.image

Every month, Baba Kabiru as he’s fondly called rakes in N300m as his security votes which he spends as he wishes and now he has brought the state down to its knees without paying salaries for the past eight months with no hope in sight of how to pay. Right now the state is in serious debt. While the opposition claims that the state is owing N480 billion, the man at the centre of it all Ogbeni Aregbesola claims that what they owe is just N44.4 billion for the state known to be a mere civil service state with no source of revenue generation apart from the allocation from the federal government.

The illegal deductions from the local government allocations is another area Ogbeni Aregbesola has also used to loot and steal the state blind and here are the details of the fraud:image

“The documents hereunder is a government table which is self-explanatory enough in showing how Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has stolen Osun State Local Government funds so far. Document shows how Osun has been plunged into the present financial woes. It is alarming! It is a great insult to our collective intelligence as a people of this state.

Page 1. Note the Gross State Allocation

Page 2. Note the Statutory Deductions

Page 3. Note the State(IGR) Allocation (Not yet released till date by the state)

Page 4. Begin to pay special attention to pages from here and you’ll begin to see fraud at its goriest form.
Page 5. See reckless deductions that are not in any way known to local government distribution or financial laws. Note in particular column 3,7 (a uniform deduction of N10million each for clearing of illegal dumping sites totaling N300million. By implication, what the government is saying here is that it is the same amount of N10 million needed for clearing in Osogbo, Olorunda, Ifelodun etc. (relatively bigger and densely populated local government areas) that was also needed for same projects at Ayedire , Ifedayo, Boluwaduro etc. where not even a dumping site(legal or illegal) ever existed. This is apart the begging question on whether any dumping sites exist in any local government in the state which clearing is beyond the capability of such local government.image
On the same page, column 8 – Mr. Aregbesola is also telling his gullible subjects in the state that it cost a uniform whopping amount of N70million each to grade rural roads in all local government and in same month of December.
Column 9. He went further to say he purchased rice for Christmas and New Year for each local government council at the uniform sum of N3.299Million Naira totaling over a billion Naira. When has it become a duty of the state to purchase Christmas rice and Ileya Rams (as also contained in column 13) for local government?
Go to pages 7,8 and 9 and see how Local Governments whose total net revenue allocation were 134 million, 131 and 129 million were made to receive a paltry 11million ! 8million even 6 million as the case may be. Some were made to be in deficit.
Page 9. Take Atakunmosa West for example, Row Serial No. 1 Whereas,
Total Net State Allocation – October was N27. 1M
Total Net State Allocation – November was N15.067M
Total Net State Allocation – December was N11. :5 M
However, in the end this Local Government went back home with a total of N99,584:74. Three months combined.
Imagine this.

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