October 3, 2023

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Northern Gov Impregnates Abuja Babe, Bola Ashamu

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The gist rocking the Kano State capital today is the pregnancy of society big girl and Dubai returnee, Bola Ashamu for a serving northern Governor who just lost his ticket to the Senate.

The distinguished governor whose state is a hotbed of killings is battling to force (if not able to convince) the young lady into terminating the pregnancy, but all entreaties have hit the brickwall as she has vowed to keep the Pregnancy taking into consideration that she has not a child of her own even in her 40s.

The young 42-year-old lady, who normally tags around the governor whenever he visits Abuja, was said to have been introduced to the governor by the governor’s late family member.

The lady who was given to the governor after being sampled for over three years by the governor’s brother/friend who himself was also planning to succeed the governor but for his assassination months ago. Family members are said to be mounting pressure on the governor to marry the lady while she changes her religion, an order that is said not to have gone down well with the governor who though a womanizer, has vowed to stick to his wives while having the best of fun.

Already the governor is said to be confused as to what line to pursue since the lady has rejected all monetary offers to do away with the pregnancy.

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