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Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed says he has no apologies for backing the use of Chroloquine and  Zithromax to treat coronavirus patients in his state.

The ex-Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, who was the state’s  CoVID-19 index case,  had said he was treated with the drugs while in self-isolation, after he tested positive for the killer virus on March 23.

And Mohammed said he suffered criticism for authorising the use of the drugs to treat the disease in the state.

However, the governor said he did not recommend any self-medication.

He said,  “Pertaining what I said about the use of chloroquine, Zinc, Zithromax and Vitamin C for the treatment of COVID-19. I was misquoted. I was once a COVID-19 patient. How did I get cured? I only made a recommendation and it was not a recommendation of the committee for COVID-19 in the state.

“I have no apologies for saying that I used chloroquine, Zinc, Zithromax and Vitamin C to get cured, but Allah cured me.

“It is not Chloroquine or anything, many countries are using modern medicine to combat the pandemic. It is common knowledge that COVID-19 has no vaccine and drugs, we are just groping in the dark. But if you have symptoms of fever, you take chloroquine and cure it.

“If you have symptoms of infection, you take Zithromax and cure it. If you have symptoms of weakness, you can take Panadol to cure it. You don’t need a doctor. However, doctors are prescribing.

“I did not take these drugs on my own, I took  them  based on the recommendation.”

We are using Tokunbo PPEs, says task force

Meanwhile, the  Chairman of the Logistics and Supplies Subcommittee of the Bauchi State Task Force for COVID-19 and Lassa fever, Umar Gumau, has said the Personal Protective Equipment being used in the state are of low quality.


He revealed this while briefing the governor on his committee’s efforts to stop coronavirus spread in the state at  Government House, Bauchi, on Wednesday.

He said they discovered that the PPEs had been used elsewhere.

However, Gumau said they had yet to encounter any emergency situation.

He said, “Our stock quantities are at very minimal level and that is why we have submitted a proposal for the replenishment of these commodities.

“Specifically, we are in dire need of surgical face masks and the N95 face masks. For the Personal Protective Equipment, the gowns, even though we have good quantities,  the case management team has recently observed that they are not of high quality.

“There is evidence that suggests that they have been recycled, they have been used somewhere and we are now reusing them here. So their safety and efficacy for use are questionable. We also need more supplies of these quantities.”

Mohammed expressed surprise at the revelation, promising to take immediate action.


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