March 30, 2023

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Nigerian Youths Now Turn Gay To Get UK Visa

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FaceThe level at which unemployment is taking its toll on Nigerian youths these days, everyone will agree, is nothing to write home about. The story you are about to read is a result of unemployment which has made a lot of our youths to dabble into anything in order to make ends meet. How can one describe a scenario where more and more people, especially Nigerian youths, are going into homosexuality even against their wish? Read on.

This magazine can reveal to you that a lot of our youths are now turning themselves to homosexuals overnight in their quest to secure an entry into United Kingdom.

In the days of the military, thousands of Africans, Nigerians inclusive, migrated to America and European countries in search of greener pastures. In order to perfect their stay there, many of them sought for as asylum, preferring to be refugees in the countries they find themselves due to the diverse crises in their own countries.

A lot of these Africans have by this means secured permanent residence overseas. That is gone now as democracy is the order of the day in most African countries and Nigeria is known to be one of the African countries at the fore front of campaign for democratic governance all over Africa. As such, it is no longer allowed for migrants from Nigeria to seek a permanent residence overseas on the ground of military rule.

A new means being devised now by desperate Nigerians to travel abroad is their claiming they are homosexuals! As bizzare as you think it may be, it is the very truth. Because the gay community is gaining popularity each day in the western world and they are always looking for ways to expand, they are said to have prevailed on the embassies of many western countries to grant asylum to gay people especially the ones that face discrimination in their home countries as a result of their individual sexual orientations.

For that reason, many Nigerian youths are said to be claiming they are gay now in order to travel abroad. This is coming on the heels of the anti-gay law which generated serious controversy at the National Assembly recently.

You will also remember the case of a popular Nigerian man-turned-woman, Dapo Adaralegbe who has been granted the right to live in Europe when he fled to the continent years back claiming his life was in danger as a result of his sexual orientation. He is said to be taking up residence somewhere in Spain as you are going through this.

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