March 26, 2023

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National Electricity Grid Collapses Once More

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National Electricity Grid Collapses

The national energy grid has again failed, leaving numerous towns in the dark, including Abuja, the federal capital.

The newest incident, the fifth in 2022, occurred on Sunday about 6.49 p.m., causing several power distribution firms’ outgoing energy feeders to be shut off.

Power distributors in Kaduna, Lagos, and other parts of the country reported they couldn’t get bulk electricity from the national grid.

Due to several concerns such as gas shortages, water management challenges, and gas pipeline vandalism, Nigeria’s power grid collapsed twice in March and again in April this year, causing power generation on the system to fluctuate.

On Sunday evening, Kaduna Electric declared that “power supplies will be restored as soon as the national grid is brought back up.”

“We apologize to tell you of the ongoing system collapse on the national grid,” Eko Electricity said in a statement. This has harmed our entire network, as well as our ability to provide excellent service. Please be patient as we work with our TCN partners to find a quick solution.”

“The current power outage is due to a system failure from the national grid,” Abuja Electricity said in a statement. The system failed at around 6.49 p.m. today, June 12th, 2022, resulting in the present outage. We ask for your patience as all parties involved are working diligently to restore normal supply.”

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