September 28, 2023

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MTN’s Latest Fraudulent Scheme

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Mtn MD brett-goschenThe rate at which some of these so call telecommunication companies are defrauding Nigerians unchecked is alarming, there has been one complain or the other on the many unsubscribed SMS that they bombards Nigerians with on daily basis, despite the many complains to their customer care and the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), most of them still continue unhindered thereby making it their priority to always intrude into the privacy of millions of subscribers with their unsolicited text messages.

It has however come out that MTN one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country has deduce a way to force Nigerians to at least subscribe for one of their numerous services they profess to be selling through the numerous SMS they send to Nigerians, Global News reliably gathered that the telecom company is now sending text messages in such way that where you will reject the preceding request is usually on the opposite of the current one and by doing this, they would have crookedly conned customers into subscribing for what they did not really need.

Findings shows with the frequency at which they send the text messages containing these offers to millions of Nigerians they would have been generating an amount that runs into several millions on daily basis. According to a man who claimed the network conned him into subscribing for a feature he did not need through the earlier mentioned method and that when he called the network service customer care who were just informing him the he had subscribed for the service a situation that surprised him. He stated further that against the normal practice where text messages will be sent to inform the customers’ of the need to confirm their subscription for such service.

The MTN, recently started an insurance program that they claimed is in collaboration with a known insurance firm, but in another twist sources revealed that since the launch of the insurance program called MTN Y’ello Cover, Nigerians have been running from it like plaque, having in mind the shoddy way the company had managed their staffs Y’ello Estate, as well as how they’ve not been keeping their promotional promises.

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