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flash_Caprisonne_Front_gerThis is a clarion call to all mothers in the country today. And it has to do with Caprisonne, one of the packaged fruit juices in the market greatly sought after especially by children between the age bracket of one and 12. The news which went viral in majority of the social networking sites and online media over the weekend indicates that there is a bad batch of Caprisonne out there in the market.

“Apparently there was a pasteurization failure during production leading to growth of bacteria in the product. Some children have got infected. The symptom displays classical signs of food poisoning – very intense vomiting. Please open up every pack of juice and pour into a clear glass before giving your kids. Please spread the word. Tell every Mother you know,” some advised through online media.

As soon as the story hit town, it became a major concern for majority of parents especially the mothers as they are the ones who mostly purchase this product for their children. While we believe that investigation will be carried out by the relevant authorities saddled with the responsibility of carrying out checks on consumables like the National Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) as well as Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), you can rest assured that we will update you as events unfold. This is pertinent as the citizenry must be well prevented from encountering diseases borne out of the goods they bought with their hard-earned money and obviously having no idea of the kind of harm that lurks around the corner for them.

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