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It is not business as usual for the managing director of Skymit Motors, Tayo Ayeni for now as the multimillionaire businessman is presently mourning the death of two key members of his family. First to die was his step mum. Tayo’s father, the late Ayeni 10-10 in Ilesa, Osun State had many wives. Tayo’s mum happens to be the 2nd wife. So Tayo and his siblings grew up under the care of their mum and step mum.

The death of their step mum was a devastating one for the entire Ayeni family. When the story broke out, it was greeted with grief and sorrow by all the family members but all of them took solace in the fact that the old woman lived a good life and of course she did not die a cheap death as she was old and had children who looked after her in her old age and even buried her when she died. She was buried on Saturday, 11th May 2013, by the family members.

As if that was enough, the following day, Sunday, 12th May, another sad news broke out. This time, it was news of the death of Tayo’s eldest sister. She was said to have died in a hospital in far away United States of America. The woman, who is said to be in the family auto business had been shuttling between Nigeria and United States of America to take care of her health as well as look after her business concerns there. She was said to have given up the ghost after several attempts aimed at saving her life proved abortive.

In January this year, the crème de la crème of the society gathered in Lagos to celebrate the 50th birthday of top socialite and the boss of the talk of the town auto mart, Skymit Motors, Tayo Ayeni. As expected, it was a classy party with all the razzmatazz one would expect of a party done in honour of such personality. Tayo, who started the year on that beautiful note, would never have envisaged that tragedy was lurking around in a corner and that was exactly what happened just four months after he celebrated the golden age of 50.

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