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imageIt appears Mohammed Babangida’s in-laws have criminal activities flowing in their blood stream and the tendencies to commit crimes reside with them. The two fathers in-law of the son of former president Ibrahim Babangida ,Mohammed are in one way or the other connected with different criminal activities and are said to be ruthless when it comes to the way they go about their businesses.

Mohammed Babangida who is married to two wives could be said to be so unfortunate to have had two unscrupulous elements as fathers-in-law. Global News can authoritatively reveal that even Mohammed who is said to be having worries over the embarrassing ways his two fathers-in-law have been dragging their names in the mud due to their unscrupulous ways is not finding the whole scenario funny at all.
His second father-in-law, Aminu Wali who was among those who shared our commonwealth during the tail end of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s regime. Aminu Wali was said to have shared a whooping N950 million Naira inside the house of former Minister of Education, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau along with some unscrupulous political elements.
Wali who was reported to have returned N45 million Naira to the anti-graft body was so disgraced that he started running from pillar to post in order to ‘kill’ the story and restore some dignity to his name. This development really angered the Polo-loving and suave Mohammed who is keeping a low profile.

As if that was not enough for him, Mohammed Indimi who is Mohammed’s first father-in-law has just donated a building said to worth 14 million US dollars to the University of Lynn in the United States. Multi-Billionaire Indimi who is one of those milking the economy of Nigeria and has allegedly been found to be one of the dirty oil magnates in the upstream sector of the Nigeria’s oil and gas.The billionaire is said to be on the radar of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and this is a serious case for concern for Mohammed Babangida.
Whilst the University of Lynn alumnus has donated this world class building to the University, the oil-magnate from Bornu State has reportedly not donated a pin to the University of Maiduguri. Whilst terrorist-ravaged Bornu State and his teeming internally-displaced people are in dire need of assistance, Indimi who made his money from oil in the Niger Delta has not deemed it fit to pay back to the society that made him.

The apologists of Indimi would justify his expensive gift to the institution claiming he only sought to celebrate his daughters, Amouna and Hauwa’s graduation from the school and the school’s efforts at imparting knowledge in them.
Many would argue that the Billionaire should have done more at home as charity they say begins at home. Natives of Borno and the businessman’s critics are no doubt miffed that the billionaire could deem it fit to make such an expensive donation to an American university while the city of Maiduguri and many institutions of higher learning in the State currently experience unimaginable deterioration.

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