February 2, 2023

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Mercy Johnson Cries; Begs Pastor Chris: Let My Wedding Hold

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The tale circulating around town is that the planned wedding of one of the most talented and most sought after actress in the  English sector of Nollywood, Mercy Ozioma Johnson can no longer hold because Prince Odianosen Okojie, the proposed groom of Mercy is married to a Canada-based lady named Lovely with two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. Really, M.J as Mercy is fondly called, is in-between the devil and the deep blue sea. She had hyped the proposed wedding herself, telling everybody how much she has spent on the shopping for the mirage wedding – the same with the media that didn’t spare her any breathing space. This same wedding to this same man has been fixed and cancelled like one or two times for reasons she cannot place.

The whole drama got messier, when Lovely came out of the blue claiming that she is the legally married wife of Prince Odianose, who Mercy is planning to get married to come August 27 2011 at the church of one of the most prominent pastors in Nigeria, Christ Embassy’s Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, claiming she can’t get abandoned like that because she is still legally married to her husband, Prince Okojie

Lovelyn came out with different pictures which she has been circulating via the intenet. The recent drama unfolding is a purported letter written by Lovelyn that claimed she is married to Prince Odianosen. Below is the letter:

“I used to have a sweet home but now Mercy Johnson is trying to destroy my home. I’m appealing to the world and whoever knows her to plz tell her to go luk 4a single man and leave my husband alone,am married to ds man and there’s never been any DIVORCED paper signed,we still legally married….so I want the whole world to plz ask Mercy Johnson to live my Husband for me….everybody should take note of dis,This guy Prince Odianosen okojie, he’s successfully married with 2kids,[email protected] the moment he is planning to wed mercy johnson,is dis fair?how on earth can a woman wants to destroy anoda fellows woman home all in the name of Getting married despirately…plz lets try fight all the husband snatchers..for more information plz do inbox me via Email… God Bless every individual’s homes…..From Lovelyn Okojie.”

Right now, Mercy is busy running helter skelter to save face from the shame the postponement will bring to her. Gathered that she tried all she could do to convince Pastor Chris and other top members of Christ Embassy who are careful and sceptical about the kind of bad image it will bring to the church that is battling to launder its image from the bad publicity that the church has been trying to clear its name from over so many cases of fraudulent activities of its members in the past.

Also, some of the Christ Embassy members who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity said that Mercy Johnson is nothing but a prostitute and that the church leadership should not allow her to do the wedding in the church because if she is allowed, the society will not take them serious as achurchofGod.

The August bride was spotted penultimate weekend at a friend’s wedding and was heard saying that nothing will stop her from achieving her wedding plans.

It would be recalled that Mercy has been labelled as someone who believes in traditional juju medicine which she is alleged to be using on men who come her way. In fact her second name should be controversial .

She was alleged to have aborted a pregnancy for a man called Obi, and also had sizzzling romance with Ibrahim Damuje who people believe to have many skeletons in his closet. She was also found wanting and was alleged accused of destroying the marriage of a marketer named Victus, who abandoned his wife so that Mercy could have easy access to his heart. The lady in question trailed her hubby to his Alaba international market base, saw Mercy and her husband in a suggestive position, pounced on Mercy and beat the living daylights out of her.

Another scenario happened whilst she was staying with one of her Nollywood actress friends, Tricia Asigbe. Mercy was alleged to have collected a huge amount of money from Tunde Akinyera, Personal Assistant to the Chairman of one of the Telecommunication giants inNigeria, Globacom’s Dr Mike Adenuga. This issue got Tricia infuriated because Mercy was at the same time warming the bed of another guy who resides in Park View Estate, Ikoyi.

From all indications and speculations rising from different angles, Mercy Johnson is building a castle in the air, when it comes to getting married peacefully.

95 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Cries; Begs Pastor Chris: Let My Wedding Hold

  1. Let’s pls Lҽανҽ τ̲̅ђҽ poor girl alone, Sђҽ αs successfully done her wedding let’s allow God’s w̶̲̥̅̊!l ßҽ done in her marriage, who Ȋ̝̊s perfect απyωαys ? Even τ̲̅ђҽ S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ call Christ Embassy members, i thought τ̲̅ђҽ αrҽ suppose τo ßҽ born again, who gave them τ̲̅ђҽ right τo judge ªπϑ condemn by calling ª fellow human prostitute ?Him/Her that’s perfect ªπϑ without sin should cast τ̲̅ђҽ stone first, № one Ȋ̝̊̅s perfect S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ for that reason let’s doπ’τ Judge. For God alone Ȋ̝̊̅s τ̲̅ђҽ only judge ªπϑ greatest Pҽαcҽ.

      1. my dear,to me i would say that u nd MJ r birds of the same feather, the write up was not to condemn but to pass a message to readers. Perhaps her ways r ur ways as well.

      2. I tink the should allowed mercy johnson 2 enjoy her marriage since they have been bless by pastor chris.lets live d rest 2 god

    1. Plz lev dis girl , You guyz cal yourselfz christains bt u stil condem!!. If she iz bad one day she wil reap wat she sow!!

  2. ‘”Nobody chooses their family; nobody chooses their children; nobody chooses their particular place of birth, but out of this choice-less life , one is permitted to choose one’s wife”……
    please! let the nature take its course. Mercy Johnson is a product of nature and she has her human rights to claim.

  3. pls if u are sure u’re legally married to dis said man sit him down and talk sense into him or u call for family meetn to advice him to put his manhood together. and to Mercy Johnson mind u that is a sin to brake a happy home becos what God has joined together let no body put asunder. pray 4 ur own and it ‘ll come. becarefu becos the measure u use is the same measure u ‘re to receivel……may God bless u

  4. I didn’t know that Mercy Johnson is such a slot. Christ Embassy has been such a controvercial chuirch bc
    Of its leadership. There is nothoing money cannot do, with the rich type like Mercy
    They will rush to d wedding. I pity Mrs Lovely

  5. If u must destropy anothers marriage to achieve yours, then you will not have peace in that marriage. U have 1yr to call it quit

    1. Its more that 2years now&Mery J’s marriage is blessed with 2wonderful kids&still counting Shame on you because am sure you have been one of those congratulating her now?if lovely was legally married to the prince as claimed how come the prince parents&family supported his marriage with Mery J?you see in life donconclude because you heard from just one party ok. Think about this tnx.

  6. MJ, pls leave d man alone dat is if he’s truely married, ur own man is somewhere out there,pray dat God shld bring him ur way,also if the story abt u jumping 4m one bed 2 anoda is true pls stop it or else u will neva meet d man God has created purposely 4 u,take kia & God bless

  7. This guy in question have parent, let ask them if really he is legally married to lovely, if yes – let Mercy Johnson go for another husband but if not, let her go ahead and God bless their marriage.

  8. Pls lets all stop judging.They are married that is all that counts.If christ embassy cancelled the wedding twice b4 am certain its course investigations were been carried out.Let us pls leave the church out of this and mercy isn´t the only one sleeping around.let her breath plsssssssssssssssss

    1. Your are a fool, instead of you to advice your friend you are telling her to move ahead, soon you will say sorry we love her that good people never last.

    2. We don’t have 2 judge mj bt d best tin is dat mj should leave d man as far as he is married u can pray 2 God 4 ur own husband and I assure u dat God will answer ur prayers leave him let him enjoy his marriage

  9. her story of bin beaten in alaba market was true d new man dat married mj is surely under a spell dis woman get power ooo


  11. How do you reconcile the story with the latest headline which, without a doubt, gives the impression that Pastor Chris has actually solemnized the unholy union? The story and the headline are poles apart. By your own admission Mercy is still begging while the church is resisting. So where did the conclusion that forms your headline come from? Writing like this will certainly make readers look down on your tabloid. Always be factual and less sensational.

  12. why do celebreties keep on repeating avoidable mistake? i believe there’s a warm lovely heart elsewhere,sincerely and open hearted waiting for the said called MJ,but she would never listen to her intinct,probably becaus the gentleman’s name don’t ringbell.

    1. That is why i hate all female actress, they are all the same with funny funny stores and mistakes here and there, apart from the once that has giving there life to Christ apart from that forget them.

  13. Almost all public entertainers have the lust tendency,MJ should sue this media if the allegation are false if not she should look for her own man rather than creating problem in peoples home.

  14. sorry, mis .i think if you have to destroy anothers marriage to get your ,somebody’s else will distroy yours
    be careful

    1. She could have look for another actress like her and destroy her home instead of the innocent girl own. infact God will punish her were ever she is, she will never experience peace in that marriage, i can i hear somebody say?

  15. If it is true that the husband has married before. biblically that man she marreid is not here husband. That is a wrong marriage. She needs to repents, leave the man and pray well. God will sureley ling here to her rightful husband. No matter how many years shes stays with that man, it is still a wrong marriage

    1. see who is talking. why do you like deceiving people. were you not getting on to married men? you know the man is married, but you were getting on to him, claiming born against. keep your mouth shut, you’re not even in the position to give an adv

  16. i wonder for nigerian press..now they are saying pastor chris is doing fake miracle.But really this man is appreciated world wide and it’s only in this country we don’t celebrate the truth..God help us

  17. i believe tht pst chris must hv done his biblical home work well b4 wedding dis R/J. As a pst, i don’t believe tht a whole P.Chris cn be so careless n unbibical unless he ws bewitched which i still percieve impossible. if mj did al she ws alleged, she ‘ll invaribly pay wt her future.pple shld understand tht we r living in a world tht is ephemeral.

  18. nigerians wil not see good. pls leave the church out of this .pastor chris did nothing. bad.christ embassy cancelled the wedding twice.bad belle peple

    1. why are you abusing nigerians? how does that concern nigerians? na people like una dey make wahala dey this country. instead of you to pray for the country you are busy abusing the country. At this point in time do ut hink Nigeria really needs people like you? i’m glad you are one of them so anything that happens will practically affect you. Talk about the wedding abi marriage and leave this country alone. abi na country join mouth ask dem to marry?

  19. Pls my dear Sister Mercy. Pray for the will of God come to pass in your life. And if the small stories about you here are true, try and make some adjustments. I have always loved to see you acting but I’m sad about these stories I am reading (which may not be completely true). Pls know that you are a star and all eyes are on you. Pls watch your steps. Never give any body the opportunity to mess your reputation up. As for the news carriers, I hop you publish these stories with the consent of the poor girl? It’s not fair attacking a person’s character just to sale.

  20. All dese actresses r nofin 2 write home about wen it comes 2 marriage. So i blive MJ has some spiritual powa bhind dis, Christ embassy bcare4l says:

    All dese actresses r nofin 2 write home about wen it comes 2 marriage. So i blive MJ has some spiritual powas ova dis, Christ embassy bcare4l

  21. I don’t know how true this allegation over mj is, if it is true the family of the boy should come out boldly confirm it then we will know how to start advising mj. but right now let every one keep his or her month shout so that we don’t partake in the sin we know nothing about. Because with whatever judgement you give to others, that you shall receive. To advise is better than critism

  22. If the man is really married then it is wrong of him to think of marrying another. But culture demands that the two parents must meet and discuss about their children’s marriage. Now is the parents of the girl aware that the son in-law was married or did Mercy and the man just meet on the road and agree to marry? Ok, may be the white man’s way “Mum & Dad just for your information” Well we are still african. We norms and value and this should be maintained.

    If you destroy another person’s marriage to get there remember that what goes round comes around. The now couple should search their conscience and see if they are really honest in this relationship without infridging the other woman’s right

  23. no marriage was conducted between lovely and odi. if not why would she sign divorce papers 3 weeks after coming out to say her “happy home is about to be destroyed”……she no get shame. she dey canada till husband plan public wedding reach 3wks to. She no get ear for naija. Mumu…..

  24. People like Mercy Johnson should not be wanting to get married again because going by her historical antecedent, she can not live with two men may be three or four would be sufficient to satisfy her excessive libido demand of large and elongated manhood that can travel nine to twelve centimeters distance during gaming. She should continue to test and forget about stealing people’s husband, even though I know the lady who had these two kids for prince have long taste prince dick but fucking some black guys way back in Canada which account for the reason why prince must have wanted to marry retired prostitute rather living with a woman that would practice similar act pretentiously

  25. If you know what is right, please do it but if you know that what you are doing is wrong, please don’t think of doing it because we will definitely know the truth one day and that day you go see how chiken yash go open for your side

  26. i am really amazed by all these stories. it takes 2 to tango, the wife shd attack her husband not mercy. canada is not jupiter, there are flights from there to nigeria, if the wife is sure of herself, she should come home & sort these stories out. y do we jump to the conclusion that the wife is innocent? if her husband is tired, he has the right to leave, marriage is not by force. PLS LEAVE MJ ALONE! IF WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY, WE WILL DO WORSE!

  27. Na wa oo people have time oh,just keep following celebrities up and down.lolzzz,pls Geo ming ur business and get somthing doing ok.LETS LEAVE THE CHURCH OF GOD OUT OF THIS PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  28. Mercy Johnson is like every other woman in da society,we shld understand she is a model an actress she is nt as bad u thing God hvnt condend her.life is has 2 dimension da gud & da evil which 1 must give account wen da time is due all dis r fallacies of hasty conculssion it logic r nt applied dat distingushd correctnes 4rm incorrect Okereke Chidozie hail 4rm Obulo Eziama Nneato in Umunneochi Abia state also a student of Absu Thanks!

  29. Why are the beautiful girls in Nolly wood going for married men? What’s special about them?? Is it their money??? Upon their beauty and fame. Well i just pray divorce cases won’t be on the increase soon because what ever you reap you shall sow. It will only take some time. It’s highly disgusting.

  30. make una let this gal rest bcos i believed in what bible says that when world is going to an end many women will be with many men.To love is not easy @ all.she is a famous gal so for her to get her true lover it will hard bcos person wey dey surfer can not go 4 it,even MJ will not like to be with a man who did not make it. pls don’t judge her his God will

  31. Let somebody tells this lady to find another man rather than causing confussion in other people’s home. And if she is a true member of Christ Embassy may be she should be delivered. I hereby recommend her (M.J) for sexual deliverance.

    1. Na wa for nigerians, why u na no dey mind u na biz? All of u na wey dey sey bad bad tins, if we sey we go check u na history e bad well, well. Before you rain insults on a person why don’t you check your faults 1st. Na de chick time to shine let her be.

  32. God’s judgement is perfect and just, that was why even a robber on the cross made heaven, so whatever her past we should pray that she and her husband have accepted the Lordship of Jesus in their lives for the Lord will soon sound the trumpet.

  33. Base on what the bible said, if truely the man is the one that divorce his wife (lovelyn) it is sin 4 him to real marry but if it is lovelyn that did that, the man wedding MJ is right.

  34. Economic downturn is the chief architect of all these immoralities.What would one expect in the absence of financially strong young men ready to marry.

    MJ I would advise that you go look for your own husband and build to become what you expect of him.

  35. my own is to say pple dey talk rubish,mj is not d first person dat has done such,is it bcos she be celebrity?search ur self u dat is commenting & u will see u av done worst tins pass her,u abort,u pay 4 d abortion,u kill by any means like poison,u lie,fight,u kidnap,throw bomb,u dey carry married women,dey follow married men n u tink say u better pass mj na lie on d day of judgement u go dey where d person u tink worse dey,check urself and ammend ur ways first and leave others or u go meet them privately and advise them not condemming them,LET HE WHO IS WITOUT SIN BE D FIRST TO CAST D STONE…

  36. Lovelyn, the prove we might believe your marriage with the Prince is you posting your wedding pictures, pictures with your kids and the Prince and may be your marriage certificate. But mere posting a letter for us doesnt give us enough evidence that you were truly married to this guy my sister.

    And for you Mercy, who have you wrong that every body is trying to blackmail you at every angle.

  37. The Lord God did not seek advise from anybody before bringing all of us into the world. Therefore, as long as He liveth, His plans for every soul shall come to pass. MJ n Prince need our prayers NOT CURSE so that they can see the LIGHT.

  38. Nawa 4 Geo u b mumu oo, u no get wok. Al u know is 2 b putn mouth in evry coment u see. Leave d gal, no peac 4 d wickd.U re judging 2much. She is a prostitute @ wht re u criminal & kidnapper.

  39. Lovelyn.. You were there eating money forgetting u should be praying always. Anyways Mercy is an opportunist she utilizes any opportunity that comes her way . All the men in your country u didn’t fancy any one, its a Nigerian U engaged in? This is what u get by marrying abroad. U wanted to marry a prince right? Lol prince my foot ahahahahah

  40. i want 2 ask wether is the mercy that toasted the man (who called him self a husband ), or is the man that toasted mercy.

  41. don’t judge rather God will judge.remember his a man of God.pls una tak m easy don’t touch God’s anioted.


  43. pls leave mercy alone.may be u re jeaously of her.u dt is saiyin dt she snacther ur husband why nt give ur husband wot he wnt so dt he ll nt luk outside.infact u re a fool forever nd u ll never get him again

  44. I support Mercy for everyting..the orther woman was not married to the man she was just a girl friend..Nevertherless she was not living with the man.Now she is searching for mercy’s trouble..Mercy,may God bless ur married.

  45. Geo Am Begining To Suspect U D Way U Carry D Matter For Head Lyk Say Na Yur Brother ,abeg Yur Busy Body Too Much ,nd If U Try Insult Ani Body Again Because Of Him Own Opinion Again God Wil Personaly Punish U Nt Even D Devil .As 4 U My Model Mercy If It True Plz Go For Restitution Nd Gve Lovely Bac Ha Hubby So U Cn Ave Yur Peace God Bless

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