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Aishat Buhari

Aishat Buhari

Historically, Nigerian first ladies are known to be controversial, fashionable and flambouyant. Billions of naira was allocated to the office of first ladies in the past and this has negatively affected the economy of the country. Before winning the 2015 elections, the family of Muhammadu Buhari was perceived to be a conservative type and very reserved. Nigerians hardly knew the wife and kids of the retired general not until recently when they emerged as the number one family in the country. Prior to her husband’s emergence as Nigeria’s president, Hajia Aisha Buhari was reported to be an ordinary woman in the streets of Daura and Abuja. However, since the pretty woman began to taste power, she has metamorphosed into a liberal person and gradually joining the leagues of flamboyant ex-first ladies. Moreover, with the way Hajia Aishat Buhari is gradually stepping into flashy lifestyle, one wonders if she would not surpass the late Stella Obasanjo.
Some months back, an online report showed how Aisha Buhari was flashing her N10 million worth wrist watch. Those in the know alleged that she purchased the watch in a foreign boutique while some of her loyalists said that the watch in question was a gift from a friend and that she never knew how much the watch was worth. As if that was not enough, Hajia Buhari was spotted on a private chopper with Oando big boy, Wale Tinubu. The picture also went viral on the internet. Another angle to the flamboyant lifestyle of the first family was reported online that the daughter of Hajia Buhari humiliated an innocent Nigerian at a boutique in Abuja and this came as a surprise to many who perceive President Buhari as an easygoing, conservative man.
Also few days back she threw a lavish party for the APC women and youths which she tagged a thank you party for their efforts during the campaign. This, an insider said, she used to launch herself into the big office of the First Lady.

However, the few steps taken by Hajia Aisha Buhari has shown that she would not fulfill her promise to Nigerians that nothing like the office of the first lady would ever exist during her husband’s administration and she may even be worse than her predecessors in office in terms of how they squandered Nigeria’s resources.
In the past, some notable businesswomen and society ladies always influenced first ladies to indulge in flamboyant lifestyles all in the name of being friends to them. One of these women is top business guru, Hajia Bola Shagaya. This society lady was known to be friends with past first ladies like the late Maryam Babangida, Stella Obasanjo. Others are Hajia Maryam Abacha, Hajia Yar’Adua, Dame Patience Jonathan etc. Hajia Shagaya benefitted immensely from her close rapport with these powerful first ladies. It is reported, however, that immediately after leaving the office by the first ladies, Hajia Shagaya pitches her tent with the incoming first lady so she could continue with her pecks. As for now, there has not been any link with Shagaya and Hajia Buhari, but close watchers are of the view that by the time the first lady fully commences operation, then Shagaya would surely find her way back to Aso Rock.
The question on the lips of Nigerians is, will Hajia Aisha Buhari who fried ‘akara’ (bean cake) join the bandwagon of former first ladies who flamboyantly enjoyed the goodies of the exalted office? The people are waiting for the next couple of months if Hajia would show her real colour.

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