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Sequel to our story on self-acclaimed bishop and founder of Agbala Olorun Kii Ba Ti fame, Bola Odeleke granted an interview to another magazine where she denied the allegation that she went to eject her tenants on the property she inherited from her late husband at Plot 9A-C on James Oluleye Street on Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

Global News however contacted one of the tenants who decided to speak to us on phone though on condition of anonymity simply because of her safety. Excerpts:

Hello Madam and how are you?

Fine and how are you.

We learnt that your landlady wanted to eject you forcefully from her property that she has sold through the help of members of Odua Peoples Congress

Yes it is true.

Can you please tell us how it all happened?

It was on December 30th last year around 5 a. m., she stormed the residence with a fake police man and fake court documents to eject us and about ten people that included her son Kayode Odeleke, son-in-law Tunde, woman and man leader of OPC. Before this time, she had invited us to a meeting at her Isolo residence telling us that she wanted to sell the properties and we told her that there was nothing we can do about it since she was the owner of the properties but she should just give us enough time so that we could secure another accommodation.

Let me add that she was not the one that rented the apartment to us, it was Segun his son that used to be our landlord but when she fought with Segun because he was not happy with way she was disposing of his father’s properties especially with her numerous husbands, she came to us to declare she was the landlady and everything was going on well not until she decided to sell off the properties.

When she came on the fateful day with the OPC members, they were banging the gate and calling us to come out and we were held for like three hours before one of us managed to put a call to the Area F Command of the Nigeria Police and it was the policemen that came to rescue us.

We went to the police station and the area commander told her that she couldn’t do such thing to us, that since we were not saying that we were not going to quit the house she should just allow us to stay for the normal six months that the law stipulated.

We were released because the Area F commander clearly saw that she just wanted to use power and intimidate us, but she was not satisfied and she went to Zone 2 and lied against us and in a commando=style the police from Zone 2 led by one Joshua arrested us and we were moved to Zone 2 but when we got there she also lied against the Area F commander just because he didn’t do her biddings and she wanted the case to be transferred to Zone 2 but the Area F commander stood his ground and we were all happy that we could still find such principled and fine gentleman in the Nigeria Police Force who against all odds stood on the path of righteousness.

When the problem was much we filed a court case against her at Ikeja High Court but her lawyer, one Ayo Olaniyi appealed to us that we should take it easy and withdraw the suit from court, but we told her that we were not fighting her but she should just give time that the laws says so that we can have more time to look for another accommodation.

For her to say that she didn’t bring OPC to eject us forcefully has really surprised us. They are blatant lies from the pit of hell that shouldn’t be coming from a person who calls herself a servant of God.

And to eject and intimidate us by force she wrote on the gate that the properties belonged to OPC leader Frederick Fasheun whereas an Ibo man bought the properties from her is the height of irresponsibility on her part.


(1)This is not a smear job at all. The story is very true and not exaggerated in any form. She is used to doing this to her tenants. She did this about 10 years ago to the occupants of one of her buildings in the same vicinity. This is very unfair and inhumane. Global News WELL DONE!

(2)Thank you, Global News, awesome reporting! I was one of the tenants! It was a traumatic experience for us all but we give all the glory to GOD for putting the ‘she devil’ to shame! HALLELUJA.

(3)I know Bola Odeleke… her late hubby was a former colonel and deputy military governor in Edo state. After the man demise, the wife became wayward: she cant keep her pant up just like her prostitute daughters and thugery son Segun, who dropped out from military school Zaria. I pity people who seek salvation from her church. May God help us

(4)My wife keep burging me every Sunday morning for Church service, I wish she will read this story and give me a break  bishop in deed.

(5)That must be the heaven that you created. Who are these people that can’t be touched? Nigeria’s arrogant, thieving so called men and women of God? Give me a break; read your Bible in it’s entrety and forget about the verse that these fools use to frighten people from touching them. Touch not my anointed means anointed children of God  all of us not just them.

(6)All so called men and women of God shall one day stand before Jesus and give account of all they did and taught……Mark 6:30

(7)Must we inconvenient other people in other for us to gain this world? Haba, a woman for that matter, called her self a woman of God indeed………God, where is your eyes ooooo, come and help us becos no body to rely on now-a-days

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