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muokaThe Bible states unequivocally that “Cleanliness is Godliness”, which invariably means that God will not be associated with any form of filthiness as long as He’s the true and Holy one. This seems not to be the belief of the general overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry who had severally been on collision course with Lagos State government on issues relating to environmental degradation.

Chosen, as the church is fondly called, is located somewhere along Apapa Expressway and boasts of thousands of members most of who troop to the one kilometer-long auditorium for worship on regular basis. And the church has been facing the government’s query on issues that have to do with environmental abuse; the recent is the closure of the church auditorium by the State Ministry of Environment over erection of structures on Odo Asimawu drainage channel.

According to the government, the crimes of the church include exposing the people to health hazards through the act of burning the church waste openly, obstructing the flow of Odo Asimawu drainage thereby exposing those around to erosion, channeling of their sewage into the drainage instead of constructing a soak-away pit for it and construction of a part of the church on drainage.

The closure, we gathered, was only able to prevent the miracle seekers that are known for their everyday presence in the church from gaining access into the church auditorium for about two days before they decided to disobey the rules of the government by reopening the auditorium, a sin that is the reason God dethroned King Saul in the Bible.

If it could be recollected it was the same pastor who had been accused of many things that are unbecoming of a Christian not to talk of a pastor. In our previous edition a member of the church had accused the pastor of smuggling. According to her, during the church’s visit to Benin Republic the pastor was said to have made purchase of all sorts of wares while forbidding members of his church who were on the trip.

The re-opening of the church auditorium which was done not minding the decision of the government may be an attempt by the church to pitch the church congregation who are predominantly Igbo against the government. Though the next move of the Governor Fashola-led government is unclear knowing he was recently criticized for repatriating a handful of beggars from the state to Anambra, it is believed that any action towards the church may be seen as a move against the Igbos by politicians of eastern extract who will want to cash in on the confusion caused by a man that is supposed to be a man of God.

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