March 21, 2023

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Jessica Onadipe

Kayode Lanihun
Kayode Lanihun
Love is in the air, and this time around it is between two London-based Nigerians, Kayode Lanihun and Jessica Onadipe. For those who don’t know them, let us do little introduction of the duo. Kayode is one of Nigerian socialites living abroad. In the early ‘90s he along with his brothers Kayode and Gboyega ruled the social scene like a colossus and they were then a toast of many musicians who sang their praises to high heavens because they had loads and loads of many to spray.
Jessica, who is also known as Dunni, on her part is also a property merchant who helps Nigerian politicians and elites to buy properties in London and her company’s name is Prestige Capital Properties based in the highbrow area of Chelsea in London while she drives around town in a customized 2015 Range Rover vogue limited edition.
Right now the duo are said to be an item on the London social parties and events and they seem like inseparable holding hands like those who just found love. The duo are in their late 40s and they are both married but there is rumour in town now that Dunni is now separated from her lawyer husband named Tijani after 25 years of marriage.
Jessica Onadipe
Jessica Onadipe

Kayode on his part is legally married and he shuttles between London and Abuja where his wife and children reside. Though our source clearly disclosed that there is nothing like marriage on the table between the two lovebirds, who knows if God says they are going to be husband and wife in future nobody can stop it.


  1. What!!! You call yourself journalists? You people are unbelievable.

    Firstly everyone knows Jessica separated from her husband 7 years or so ago and officially got divorced about 4 years ago. Kay on the other hand has been separated from his wife almost 10 years ago and have dated other women since then. So why are you making up a story like they are both still married and cheating on their partners. That is, if they are even dating as I and a host of others have seen them together with different people and on their own, and these two do not look like dating partners to me. I know they work together and have done a few business projects together, but these two look more like business partners to me. Did you ask them before printing something like this. Also why would you be mentioning her company. This is a serious company with about 15 staffs paying salaries, taxes and pensions. Who shes dating or not dating has nothing to do with the business and you should not be writing about her company or mention her company in your juicy gossips this way. These are Nigerians / black people employing other Nigerians / blacks in UK showing them how to succeed in a white mans world. They are doing well in industries most of us are not even brave to join. Instead of praising their efforts in pushing the boundaries for other Nigerians coming behind them, or shower them with awards, all you can do is look for ways to pull them down by posting a pretend relationship. Am sorry, you people are just plain evil. It is sad. These are not celebrities, singers musicians or actresses who signed up for the job of being picked apart they are just ordinary people living their own lives. Why dont you find proper news and leave ordinary citizens trying to make their own way in an already difficult environment alone. Support our black people and black businesses not searching for ways to bring them down.

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