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img_1068This may not be the best of times for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the political scheme of things in the country owing to the fact that he has been sidelined by the presidency and the political sons he groomed and financed across the length and breadth of the country especially the ones in the South-west.However, the very fact that he has, in recent times, been betrayed by some politicians who have benefitted from him in the past is not our major discourse here but the worrisome state of health of this political Titan. 

Global News can authoritatively reveal that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is said to be very ill and there are indications that the ailment he is battling with is not taking it easy with him at all.Our sources who confided in us say the undisputable Jargaban of Borgu is indeed now very frail and has cancelled most of his upcoming social functions until further notice.Reports also say he has flown to the United States for urgent medical attention.

We also gathered from a prominent Yoruba traditional ruler that Asiwaju is taking things easy this time around as his health is at the lowest ebb and this may not be unconnected with the recents shockers from different political associates and friends who have betrayed him in the recent past.The two-time governor of Lagos State and a top-notch chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who was instrumental to the emergence of this Buhari-led government has tactically retreated to the cocoon of his house after his health is said to be nose-diving.
In the last three months or so, one can actually count the number of public engagements and social functions this political juggernaut had attended which unknown to many of his admirers and public commentators is due to the reason of ill-health and fatigue.The biggest high-profile function in Nigeria in recent times and indeed this year was the tenth-year Coronation Anniversary of the Sultan of Sokoto and many had thought Asiwaju would be present to douse the suspicions of many and put paid to insinuations from different quarters but alas he was no where to be found even though most of his associates and peers were duly present.

At a recent private function attended by Tinubu, a well-known Islamic cleric and preacher after extolling his virtues and ideals called on the sons and daughters of Oodua to always pray for long life for “our Asiwaju” as according to him,we need him to be amongst us for a very long time to come if the Yorubas are to remain relevant in the political scheme of things in our country.

With passing away of Sir Olaniwun Ajayi to the great beyond about a week ago,the supreme mantle of leadership may have fallen on Tinubu.Once again,greatness beckons on Tinubu as it is now crystal clear that Asiwaju is the quintessential Yoruba race leader as he has proven to be the only political colossus to have emerged from this part of the country after the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo who has this powerful clout that cuts across all the Yoruba States and other parts of the country.Tinubu has over the years and without doubt cemented his status as the clear leader of the “wild,wild west” and this is the more reason why we all must are pray for his soonest recovery.

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