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Upwardly mobile Lagos-based socialite and events planner, Akindele Bukola Esther is currently enmeshed in a career threatening scandal and a possible jail term as her fiancée, Abiola Shokunbi caught her pants down with a fellow woman at his Egbeda, Lagos home. The ugly incident happened on Saturday, 5 August 2023.
The embattled Bukola, who has now gone into hiding to save her face from the shameful act, is the CEO of Great Five Exclusive, a fashion designing and events planning firm.
Her fiancée, Abiola who raised the alarm, said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his wife-to-be indulging in the abominable act of lesbianism under his own roof. He vowed to ensure justice is served on the matter.
Abiola, who could not control his emotions when he caught Bukola in the lesbianism act, was said to have pummeled her until she was rescued by neighbours who promptly took her to the hospital where she was admitted as a result of the several injuries she sustained during the beating.
While speaking with our reporter, Abiola admitted that he went too far beating her to that extent but said he did not regret his actions. “As a matter of fact, Bukola and her useless lesbian partner must face the full wrath of the law. I have already reported the case to the police and both of them will soon be brought to book. You can imagine the audacity they have to commit such sacrilege in my own house? Honestly, they will not go unpunished,” Abiola fumed.
On that fateful day, Bukola had gone to Abiola’s place to spend the weekend as usual. That morning, the latter left for work, hoping to return home to the warm embrace of his heartthrob, but he got what he didn’t bargain for. He returned home to see his sweetheart having illicit sex with a woman!
According to Abiola, “I once heard the rumour that Bukola is a bi-sexual, but I didn’t believe it because of the love I have for her. But now that she has betrayed that love and trust, heaven knows she must face the consequences.”

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