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muokaTelling you that the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka is a controv [showads ad=GLO]ersial man of God is tantamount to stating the very obvious. A couple of months back, some of the loyalists of Mouka had gone to town with the story of how the ‘supposed’ man of God brainwashed them and turned their good fortune to misfortune, a report that went viral on different tabloids and the internet. [showads ad=GLO]

Before then, Muoka was the toast of a lot of people; most especially miracle seekers who had always thronged his Lagos auditorium for instant miracles. [showads ad=GLO]The confession of his ex followers who see him as a terrorist and businessman rather than a true man of God he says he represents however revealed that the miracles are all fluke anyway.

What is however surprising is the fact that despite all we have heard about Muoka as being explained by these his ex followers who swore to know him more than any other person in the whole wild world, some people still choose to patronize this man and his church. [showads ad=GLO]We can tell you for free that as you are going through this, Muoka’s popularity has spread to United Kingdom.

It is now a common sight in recent times in London to see people who have taken Muoka as their ‘god’ donning the apron which is one of the symbols of his church and going about their notrmal duties with the aprons on. [showads ad=GLO] These people who a lot of people believed have been brainwashed by Muoka will have nobody say anything against their pastor and whosoever tries such will incur their wrath.

As if that is not enough, this magazine can reliably inform you that some of these people even put on this apron while boarding a flight from Nigeria to London or from London back to Nigeria as they have been told that there is power in the apron as being said by Muoka. [showads ad=GLO] This goes along way in telling how much people worship human beings rather than God

This soft-spoken pastor has grown to become one of the richest Nigerian pastors in no time. His business sense will compete favorably with that of any of his business-oriented Igbo kinsmen sourcing for customers across markets all over the world. [showads ad=GLO]Pastor Lazarus Muoka of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministry has shown to all that he’s not in the church business to join the bandwagon but to make a stand for himself and the future of his family. [showads ad=GLO]

Just like other pastors in Nigeria who are general overseers, his book ministry is not doing bad as he has been raking in millions through this medium both online and in church bookshops. [showads ad=GLO]Apart from the book ministry the pastor also owns a secondary school in Imo State named after the church and sources have it that he has been working tirelessly on establishing his own university just like other churches in his league. [showads ad=GLO]

He also has an online medium where donations can be made into the church’s purse for his church members who are not living around, while he always ensures his church members are having access to all his church programmes by making them available live on different online media. And to generate money, [showads ad=GLO] he makes sure there is always one programme or the other that will keep his members busy. His unique selling point is the availability of testimonies some of which many of his followers had come out to refute. They claim the testimonies are all stage-managed and that the pastor who sells things like oil and other things to rake in money and who told them to sow seed in the church with everything they have while he is busy investing in real estate all over the world is nothing but a cheat. [showads ad=GLO]

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