September 21, 2023

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Lagos Tax Boss, Fowler Wastes Millions of Tax Payers’ Money On Daughter’s Traditional Wedding

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Politics in Nigeria is said to be the easiest way to make money. This conclusion was reached considering the rate at which some so-called civil servants are showcasing their wealth at various functions across the country. This leaves one to wonder
if they are really working for the people as they always claim to be doing or ripping the people off.

Lagos Island  a couple of weeks back came to a standstill when Funke, the daughter of Tunde Fowler, the head of Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS), had her traditional marriage with Abiodun Kuku, the socialite son of one of the directors of popular EKO

As expected, those who matter in Lagos
State were present at the traditional wedding held amid tight security at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS).
It can best be described as a carnival of sort as the money invested in the traditional wedding ran into hundreds of millions.

The invite admitting guests into the TBS venue was designed like ticket used by music promoters in form of a wrist band.

Some of the organizations that provided services for the equipment used for the wedding were Balmoral, the leading event centre organisers in the country, which provided all the canopies or tents which  included units of air conditioner as well as rugs to make sure the guests were very comfortable. The tent alone was said to be in the region of double digit million naira.

Available to cater for the needs of the people were Blue World, Bonmix and others who were at hand with drinks and food.

Some of those who graced the occasion included: the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in company of his serving Senator wife, Oluremi Tinubu. Also present were the President, Dangote Group of Companies, Aliko
Dangote, and other important dignitaries who trooped in to celebrate their own.

One thing that is, however, puzzling is the fact that the father of the bride is a senior civil servant who is spending more than he’s supposed to earn in a year on his daughter’s wedding. This gives rise to suspicion that the tax payers’ money may
not be completely safe, while the real wedding is scheduled to take place later this year inDubai.

28 thoughts on “Lagos Tax Boss, Fowler Wastes Millions of Tax Payers’ Money On Daughter’s Traditional Wedding

  1. I am not surprised because his agency can easily provide him the avenue to make money by negotiating with Companies to pay far less than the actual tax (of course not without bribe), or from his Godfather’s tax collecting private company. EFCC will never querry this. They are always waiting for petition from somewhere.

  2. How do you know that he paid for everything from his own pocket? Due to his position, most of the things used for the occassion might have been donated by friends and well-wishers. So make you no jealous o ‘cos dont like ugly.

    1. A man in his position is not allowed to take any present from any tax paying company in Lagos. This man is a crook like most of the Lagos state elite command.

      1. Segun, the likes of Dada do not really understand anything about accountability and transparency as it pertains to those in public service. Hence they can’t see the point in your position that Mr Fowler needs to avoid conflict of interest even if he is not already stealing our tax money yet.

        1. Ow com dis story didn’t throw me off balance.naija is like it in other countries and los ur job the next day.lagos tax payer!my condolence to ur money

        2. Pls shut up al u who refuse to see d evil n dis unholy display of wealth.when bombs stat explodin we wonder wat we did wrong.public servants shuld live above suspicion so we can save dis naija

  3. Well said Akin Dada. With his position and friends, he’ll definately get donations, then the inlaw. This is a mere speculation

    1. I beg to disagree with you and others like you…a man in his position is not permitted under law to receive gifts/donations in cash and kind from the public as it will lead to conflict of interest. But of course, in lawless Nigeria with many Zombie citizens everything goes and anything is acceptable!

  4. From what I know, the bride, Funke (Leila) Fowler is an educated and a well established business woman in her own right with prominent connections. The family consists of business men and women. What makes the writer of this article and publishers of this magazine believe that Funke, her friends and family could not afford to pay for her wedding without “stealing from public funds? What proof does the magazine have that the wedding cost “hundreds of millions?”
    Without single factual evidence, which the publishers have failed provide, to justify their allegattions against Mr. Fowler, this article has the potential of inflicting an irrepairable damage on the reputaion of Mr. Fowler (a senior civil servant) and his family in the minds of right- thinking members of the society.The article appears to be premeditated and scandalous. This is libel. You should be thankful I am not the family’s attorney.

    1. Nothing is scandalous in the article and since you know the people very well, I wonder if you’re not part of those ‘eating’ our tax money with them….shame on all looters and your time shall come when Nigerians will visit you all with collective justice!

  5. Those people who are saying that the money may have come from associates do not seem to understand that civil servants are not supposed to accept such things because they may compromise the performance of their official duties. Or are they so naive as to think that such help is given for nothing! Attitudes like this actually enhance corruption!

    1. Shame on all looters and their sympathizers!!! The cup shall soon be full and the world will witness the greatest revolution of all!!!

  6. Whoever wrote that article is a lot uneducated about the pedigree of Tunde Fowler the Father of the bride. Tunde’s mother, Leila Fowler, owns the famous high brow girl’s school, Vivian Fowler Memorial Girls College in Oregun, a well established institution and the bride’s grandmother can single handedly pay for all that expenses without batting an eyelid. That is aside the fact that Tunde Fowler himself, an ex top executive of Chartered Bank at the time, is also a man of means in his own right. The fact that he is currently the Chairman of the Lagos State Inland Revenue does not preclude the fact of his financial ability and his family’s financil ability to foot the bill of such a lavish wedding of his only daughter. People should learn not just to mind their own business but also to do their home work thouroughly before shooting off their mouths unduly over a matter that is of no concern to them.

    1. You are a useless person. The fact that the mother is the owner of a school does not give them the right to waste such huge amount of money on a traditional marriage. Look around you, a lot of people are hungry and a lot cannot even send their children to school but people like your mentor who got their wealth through the protection of tax payers money who ought to provide means of livelyhood for others by investing on meaningfull projects that will provide employment opportunities but decided to waste it on marriage. Moreover that man is still a civil servant. He should be probe. Let him go to Dubai to do the wedding, and there waste more of our money. The people there who knows the poverty situation of our people in Nigeria will only laugh at him and his stupid money. As for the struggling Nigerians. we do not care where he does the marriage you and him could go to hell to do it.

      1. I join u in observn ow useless d man supotin dis wastefulnes is.even if fowler has d money,he shuld face d EFFC if he ever does dat wedin in Dubia.shameless idiots

    2. No wonder we don’t have chartered bank again!!! He looted it right and probably gave some of the loot to Bola Tinubu’s ACN to buy his current position as the Chairman of tax collectors!!! One day na one day, vengeance will come calling. The World will witness the black man’s revolution and it will consume all the looters surely. The clock is ticking!!!

  7. In ds great country of our evrytin is posible,i actualy comend doz of u who ar stndin up for ur frends ie d fowler’s i like d spirit bt i reserve my coment 4 now

  8. It’s only in an uncultured environment do you see the citizenry come after each other with daggers drawn over an issue that is clearly out of their control. Why are you all casting aspersions at one another over this wedding and how much was spent ? Like most things Nigerian, we may never the truth
    about the funding, sources or who did what. And you can be rest assured not even the authorities who are charged with policing the society for good governance cares to lift a finger. Let’s just pray that someday God almighty will look down at our supplication and send us deliverance.

  9. no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world. thieves show off who stole the most and fools cheer them meanwhile people are staving to death. if it wasnt so sad it would be comical. thats why we are the joke of the rest of the world.

  10. Everyone has a right to celebrate as they like. The drunkard who spends his little money on beer instead of feeding his family has not been crucified. The discussants who challenged the wisdom of spending such as huge amount on wedding while others are suffering failed to acknowledge that this extravagant display benefitted a large segment of the population. From the servers, goat/cow butchers and sellers, wine/beer sellers, food suppliers, etc all received money due to this wedding.

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