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According to the breaking news by StreetJournal, Dapo Ojora, a socialite and one of the sons of board room guru, Otunba Adekunle Ojora and his wife, Erelu Ojuolape Ojora is dead.

Dapo who is also an in law to the former Senate President, Bukola Saraki who married his younger sister, Toyin, reportedly shot himself in the head this evening according to sources close to The Street Journal.

Having mysteriously escaped death sometime back via a ghastly power bike accident, which forced him to beat a retreat from the public space, it therefore comes as a shock that the polo buff would take his own life in such a gruesome manner.

There are indications that his death may not be unconnected to his marital woes with wife, Patricia who is a trained lawyer and and an entrepreneur. Their much celebrated marriage began having hiccups a few years ago and both decided to go their separate ways for undisclosed reasons.

His marital woes was a huge blow to him especially because of the love he shared with his wife, Patricia. And much as he tried to put up a brave face, his marriage problems was too hard for him to handle as he couldn’t bear to loose his loving wife..

Just last year, himself and his wife put their differences aside when they both hosted the creme of society to their daughter, Tara’s wedding to her beau, Folajimi Ayodeji, at their family house in Ikoyi, Lagos.

His parents and two siblings left, Toyin Saraki and Yinka Ojora would no doubt be badly hit with this sad news as just nine years ago, they lost the scion of the family, Gboyega Ojora, fondly referred to as Gbegi. He died at the age of 50 of heart attack at First Consultant Hospital, Ikoyi. He left behind a wife, Solveigh Omosalewa and a son, Toluwani

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