February 8, 2023

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Ini Edo’s Marital Crisis Degenerates…As Husband’s Family Accuse Her of being behind their Son’s Crisis + His Citizenship to be revoked

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Ini Edo

Ini Edo
Ini Edo

Change is said to be the only thing constant and this period seems not to be the best of times for Iniobong Edo-Ehiagwina, whose fortune seems to have taken a downward course. The dark-skinned actress has fallen out of favour with movie marketers over the allegation that she is pompous and undisciplined, which is the reason she has not been getting roles in movies as she used to get some time back, while an actress like Mercy Johnson has her hands full even when she’s still nursing her baby.

As if that is not enough the Akwa Ibom-born actress has also not been having it easy with her marriage. Her inability to conceive has for sometimes now become a thing of concern to her close associates and family, but the latest twist to everything is the current crisis facing the husband in faraway America, his place of abode. Sources revealed that Phillip Ehiagwina, the actress’ husband is on the verge of being repatriated and his citizenship withdrawn.

Sources have it that the crisis started when Phillip who had been married in USA to a lady, Ruth Okoro before meeting Ini Edo was said to have divorced the lady to later marry Ini Edo. The sources explained further that Phillip knowing what he wanted from the marriage which was to use the lady to get a citizenship was quick to walk away from the marriage after he had successfully laid his hands on what he married her for, leaving the lady who claimed he met her a virgin in the lurch.

Recently, stories emanating from the US are that Philip Ehiagwina’s dealing with his former wife is currently under the investigation at the America’s most talked about Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

This we gathered is at the instance of Ruth who during her recent tirade targeted at Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke, lamented how Phillip allegedly tricked her into marriage just to obtain the American Green Card; and this according to her was investigated by one of Phillip’s mistresses after which her findings were handed over to the authorities.

In her words, “One of my (ex) husband’s mistresses Nkiru who lives in Houston, Texas set him up after she found out that my husband betrayed his wife (me) and lied to me. She decided to set him up with an audio coverage and got every proof. He confessed to playing me for a green card on tape.”

She also explained that Phillip is currently facing the Immigration.

She said, “At the moment, he has a case with the United States Immigration and the FBI is also on this case. It is a very long story. I have decided to speak to the press and bring the truth to the table at this moment.” I was very upset about it and fought for the truth.

My husband (Philip) met me as a virgin and took my virginity on a night of our honeymoon. For him to paint a bad picture of me simply because I reported his Green Card fraud to the FBI since he had refused to confide in me is something I never saw coming but I will fight to the end.”

The current situation of things seems to have triggered some series of reactions from the members of Phillip’s family who are blaming the misfortune on their daughter-in-law, whom they accused of bringing the mishap on her husband by her bad attitudes. It would be recollected that issues arise some time back when a section of the media suggested that the actress might be practicing lesbianism, a thing that was refuted by the actress but some of the husband’s kith and kin have, however, found it kind of difficult to rub it off their mind. Some are against the fact that she has been found several times doing things that are not befitting of a married woman as she has decided not to let go of her clubbing and drinking habit.

Her dilemma also stems from the fact that she was said to have been responsible for all the money spent in the process of their wedding both in Nigeria and the one they did in the US. A source claimed that the husband’s non-receding appetite for women has always been adding more strain to the marriage that most will describe as that of convenience owing to the fact that the wife is based here in Nigeria while the husband is living in the US with the two not having any plan to agree to live together. An insider also revealed that the two are not even staying under the same roof anytime the husband is here in Nigeria or the wife in the US.

Findings revealed that the two have, however, not issued any statement to deny the story which is unlike them as they are usually quick to answer such an issue. It is also worthy of note that reports of one scuffle or the other have been a frequent thing in the marriage only to be dispelled by one Greek gift or the other to convince the people that all is well while all is not actually well.

With the latest revelation about the crisis facing the husband, it is only a matter of time before they exchange gifts or maybe the husband will this time state that missing his wife is forcing him back home.

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