October 3, 2023

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Ifako-Ijaye Residents Petition Tinubu, Fashola Over LG Boss Demola Doherty

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The residents of Ifako-Ijaye Local Government of Lagos are up in arms against the second term bid of the incumbent chairman, Demola Doherty, urging the party leaders not to field him again for the coming local government election.

In separate letters at our disposal that were sent to the former governoer of the state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the incumbent governor, Raji Fashola, the petitioners – Ifako-Ijaye Muslim and Christian Community Forum and Coalition of Civil Societies For Good Governance – stated that that they have watched for three years, the flagrant disregard for humanity, constitutionalism and abuse of power by Hon. Demola Doherty in the local government.

They went further that his contribution in terms of service delivery from the enormous monthly statutory allocation and internally generated revenue is a colossal waste. The local government cannot boast of any meaningful project and the few ones done with enormous resources were either badly executed or uncompleted

The letter further stated that it is unprecedented in the history of Ifako- Ijaye Local Government Council that a debt of N1b plus has been incurred by Hon. Demola Doherty despite the enormous resources from monthly allocation, yet no positive development project could be traced to the debt.

The Muslim and Christian community also said in his flagrance disobedience and arrogance to the people of the community, he was invited to a meeting to discuss the way forward for his government and second term but rather than honouring the invitation, he refused to show nor did he send a representative to the meeting

Based on this and others, they are now urging the Action Congress of Nigeria leaders not to field Doherty in the coming election as his candidature will spell doom for the party because the people of the community are tired of the bad governance of the chairman.

In our effort to hear Doherty’s comment concerning the petition against him, Global News put a call to his chief of staff, Prince Yomi Adedo and fortunately he was with the chairman and he passed the phone to him. But along the line, he claimed that the line was bad and promised to call us back, which he has not as at the time of going to press.

6 thoughts on “Ifako-Ijaye Residents Petition Tinubu, Fashola Over LG Boss Demola Doherty

  1. Taxation without representation is nothing but tyranny
    SOS to Governor Fashola on Sunday .TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

    ” Taxation without representation is nothing but tyranny” so they say in a democractic society, I am so surprised that even with all taxes paid in Lagos state and road tax that add to incidence of tax in this state Ikorodu Road, and Ojota and all access roads in Ikorodu Town has been neglected for too long and I can say that Our people are not happy.

    A third of drivers have had their cars damaged by a pothole, according to the poll I conducted in Ikorodu .

    A further 16 per cent have been involved in, or have seen an accident caused by a road user hitting a pothole. Of the 2600 respondents, 88 per cent voted pothole repair the top priority for local council maintenance.

    When asked what areas of road maintenance were being done well, 90 per cent responded ‘none’, and half also think that the roads in their area are getting worse.

    Respondents from Ikorodu axis of Lagos state are the least happy with local road maintenance . Many comments suggested that local government spending cuts are the cause of these problems – respondents weren’t just negative about the authorities themselves.

    Annual surface dressing of worn out roads, were the second and third most important maintenance factors, at 64 and 58 per cent respectively.

    The public is unhappy with the state of their roads, although many realise that allocation for road infrastructure might have been frittered away and hence the problem . Eighty per cent of those polled thought that local councils should work more closely together to increase efficiency, and with no loosening of the public purse strings in sight it will take partnerships to ensure the backlog in road maintenance does not continue to stack up.”

    A motorist Alhaji Amao, 63, said: “Who needs ‘Bad Road After Paying Road Tax’? The roads are in such a poor state of repair that most drivers are unable to keep up with speed limits. Those on two wheels are in constant danger of being thrown off whether it be a motorbike or cycle. We are fed up of hearing about cuts as the motorist is charged more at the pumps and through road tax. Where does the money go?”

    Jimi Cole

  2. Reporting Demola to Tinubu is a waste of time as Tinubu himself is an epitome of fraud from head to toe. AC has nothing to offer Lagos, at least now it’s obvious to everyone that 12 years of AC in Lagos is a waste to all expect Tinubu, Hakeem Muri Okunola, Fashola, The senators, house of reps members, some major commissioners, and there cohorts. Tinubu makes sure only fools gets into offices so they report to him. Sad enough, Lagosins are clapping for the armed smart robber

  3. muyiwa gbade’s opinion and outburst in such rude manner is quite immature, that u are not ACN does not mean you condemn and insult pple in such manner. The rule of ACN has not been a waste and you know that.
    that a wood is bad and wet does not make all other woods to be bad. the bad ones we all know and we will continue to expose their evil deeds.muyiwa, just accept the fact that ACN own Lagos and nothing can change that. good luck.
    what u are seeing is politics all over the world, is just that Nigeria is growing inspite of our age and only God will grant us inner vision of choosing right leader as a nation in future.

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