Idy Enang, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, others for ‘The Dotun Adesua Symposium’



President, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), Idorenyen ‘Idy’ Enang and Producer, of the renowned Laffmattaz Comedy and Music Show, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st (GCON), are set to speak at the ‘The Dotun Adesua Symposium’ themed “Nurturing Creative Talents for Nation-Building”.

This highly anticipated inaugural symposium aims to explore the power of creative minds in driving national progress and unity, scheduled to hold on Sunday, 27 August, 2023 at the esteemed The Colossus Lagos, situated atop the Sheraton Opebi Link Road in Lagos.

Adding to the grandeur of the symposium is a constellation of esteemed speakers that include the President, Association of Professional Party Planners and Event Managers of Nigeria (APPOEMN), Funbi Akinyosoye; Writer, Media & Strategic Communication Expert, Arukaino Umukoro; and the globally recognized International Consultant and Human Development Expert, Honourable Dayo Israel.

The convener of the symposium, Dotun Adesua, said that the theme of the symposium was well chosen to delve into the dynamic role of creative industries in shaping the trajectory and positively transforming our nation, Nigeria. Amongst the core areas of activities such as Core Values and Character, Personal Development and Growth, National Discourse, Leadership and Mentorship and lastly Entrepreneurship.

Adesua further noted that attendees will explore the boundless potentials of creative sectors, experience captivating presentations and interactive dialogues cutting across entertainment, art, fintech, media, and education.

Functioning as a crucible for insightful engagements and constructive conversations, the symposium aims to ignite innovation and push the boundaries of knowledge. It is expected to attract professionals, visionaries, and luminaries from diverse domains.

Steering this grand endeavour is Dotun Adesua, a visionary entrepreneur whose forward-thinking perspective has elevated the symposium beyond conventional paradigms. Envisioned as a catalyst for nurturing creative talents and sowing seeds of ingenious solutions, the event aspires to foster both individual growth and nation development.

Adesua said “This dynamic space, pulsating with the energy of discourse, aims to invigorate personal evolution while untangling the complexities woven into the dynamic business landscape of today.”

Under the expansive umbrella of the theme “Nurturing Creative Talents for Nation-Building,” the symposium pledges to unravel the intricate ways in which creative industries can pave the path toward the future of Nigeria by transforming the intellectual and creative landscape of Nigeria.

As the symposium draws near, anticipation echoes not only through the bustling streets of Lagos but also resonates among professionals hailing from diverse corners. ‘The Dotun Adesua Symposium’ stands at the threshold of heralding an era marked by renewed creativity and symbiotic collaboration – a force that promises to propel both the nation and its citizens toward an incandescent dawn.

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