March 30, 2023

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James Onanafe Ibori has returned to the country and he’s currently lying low,bidding his time for his next political move.But as he’s watching the nation’s political scene,he is also waging war against most of his managers who were managing his various companies for him whilst he was “cooling off” at Wandsworth Prisons in London.

And like Pablo Escobar, who continued to make money through his numerous ‘illegal’ businesses, even after he was jailed, Ibori was also believed to be making millions even whilst he was serving his prison term in the United Kingdom. However the interesting thing about the former governor’s chain of business in Nigeria is the fact that his kinsmen whom he entrusted with his business whilst away have stolen him dry because they thought he was not going to back any time soon.

Ibori who is believed to be either the owner or one of the owners of ULO Consultants Limited, a construction and consulting firm handling several lucrative government projects in Delta state had just found out that this company and a host of others under his belt are far from being in good financial state.

According to our investigations, Ibori had thought his managers were doing the needful and were making millions of naira for him even as he was serving a jail term in London.But as soon as Ibori settled down to business, he discovered that most of his companies are already in the red as cronies and proxies running the companies for him in absentia have embezzled loads of company funds from all of his (Ibori’s ) business concerns.

According to a source of Global News at one of Ibori’s companies in who spoke to our reporter on the condition of anonymity,, Ibori has investment and financial interest in many companies scattered all over the country but the former Governor has lost millions of Naira to those who were running the companies for him whilst he was away in London and this is giving him sleepless nights.

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