June 2, 2023

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I Am Not The Founder Of Boko Haram -Ali-Modu Sheriff

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Sequel to a story written sometime ago where Ali-Modu Sheriff, the former governor of Borno State and now a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was addressed as the founder of the Boko Haram sect, the former governor has through his aides contacted us to clear his name regarding his links to the dreaded terrorist group.

The senator stated that he never had anything to do with the group at any time and that he had never aided nor supported them in any way. He also declared that he had not for once had any relationship with them not to talk about being their sponsor or godfather. He further declared that he had at different times been a victim of the group because its members see him as their enemy as he was against its aims and objectives.

Though the senator denied his links with Boko Haram and we believe him, he has not dissociated himself from Sky Bird Airline, meaning that he is actually the owner of the airline as reported.

4 thoughts on “I Am Not The Founder Of Boko Haram -Ali-Modu Sheriff

  1. Denial? I am not surprise. Even a thief caught in the very
    act will defined an escape route immediately. He
    mentioned some relatives and close associates that have
    tasted the blade of Boko Haram, what if that was a
    revenge mission because he threatened to eliminate them
    after his purpose were achieved? I have watched a movie
    where a man masterminded a terror group and after using
    them to establish his goal, planned to get rid of then to
    concealed his path, but his well laid up plan was licked to
    them and they turned their weapons not just to him but to
    everyone associated to him. The terror group later
    became a national terrorist group that even threatened to
    blow up the nation’s capital and other important business
    capitals, like we have of Boko Haram today. The
    government of this country mustn’t consider those weak
    excuses as anything. This man must be well interrogated,
    it could lead to the arrest of many more sponsors of this
    terror group.
    Before the Australian made those revelations public, there
    were rumors going round especially from people of the
    North East that it was Modu Sheriff that founded and
    funded them as political thugs during his electioneering
    campaigns. That they turned against him must be
    because he did not fulfilled his promises and branded
    them terrorist group to conceal his involvement. Now he
    is continuing his denial because they have become a
    menace to the whole nation. It is time that the Authority
    stop painting corrupt people good, allowing them to walk
    freely on our streets when they ought to be in prisons. I
    have heard petty thieves sent to the hang man and some
    of them to life imprisonment, while the very thieves that
    have crippled this nation’s economy and growth are
    being honored with chieftaincy titles. Some are even
    urged to run for government offices, possibly to cripple
    the economy further more. What is wrong with Nigeria? I
    think the dead penalty should be instituted in our
    constitution against corruption. God has blessed Nigeria.
    God is blessing Nigeria and God shall bless Nigeria. In
    either way, Nigeria is a blessed nation, but we must get
    rid of corruption for this reality to start showing on our
    people. We must start getting rid of corruption by getting
    rid of corrupt people, wherever they are and whoever they
    may be.
    Your monitor
    Pastor Daniel H. Doe

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